“In the past I was very all or nothing with my approach to nutrition and this did not work for me. The FFS Transformation Challenge helped me to change this. The FFS Transformation Challenge helped me to think about nutrition in a more realistic way. I learned that building better habits and making consistently better choices can have a big impact."

Charlie Lindo – FFS Transformation Contestant 2018






Male & Female Prizes






2nd SEPTEMBER 2019

at 4pm


What is it? 


The FFS Transformation Challenge is an educational program that teaches you how to make better nutritional choices, in the real world.



Is exercise included in the FFS Transformation Challenge?

  • If you are a member of FFS you will be training with us in the gym. 

  • If you are not a member of FFS we can provide online training with one of our coaches for the 12 week transformation challenge.



What will you get: 

  • 12 weeks of nutrition and lifestyle education delivered through online lessons. 

  • 4 online lessons weekly.

  • Video summary what you learned each week. 

  • Access to the Transformation Challenge Facebook group. 

  • Recipe ideas to help you cook better meals.

  • 2 in person seminars with your coach. 

  • Access to a weekly habit tracker to help you practice what you are learning. 

  • Regular check ins & guidance from your coach throughout the process. 

  • Opportunity to win €1000. 

  • Education & inspiration to help you build better habits. 



What will you learn: 

  • How to set goals.

  • Improved self awareness.  

  • How to build better habits. 

  • The most important habits for improving body composition. 

  • The key principles for better nutrition and fat loss. 

  • More about nutrition, which will empower you to make better choices.

  • Time management strategies that will help you change your habits in the real world. 



What will be required of you for best results: 

  • Putting aside 10-15 mins to read each of your lessons. 

  • A growth mindset.

  • Patience - build habits take time & there is no quick fix. 

  • 30 minutes of your weekend to check in with your weekly habit tracker and plan your upcoming week. 

  • Making time for 3-6 exercise sessions per week (online or in FFS) 

  • Making time to prepare more of your own meals each week. 



How will it be judged: 

  • Each member of the FFS coaching team will vote for 1 male and 1 female winner, based who they think made the most impressive transformation. 

  • The male and female with the most votes will be awarded 1st place. 

  • In the event of a tie break the title & prize will be shared.


When does it start?

  • Deadline for signing for the FFS Transformation Challenge will be Monday 2nd September 2019 at 4pm.

  • Pre-Challenge information will be sent out on Monday 2nd September 2019.

  • The Fundamentals of Fat Loss seminar will take place on Saturday 7th of September at 10am in FFS Gym, 34 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2.

  • The transformation challenge will start on the Monday 9th September 2019.

  • The second seminar will take place on Saturday 19th October at 10am in FFS Gym, 34 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2.



What does it cost? 

  • €200 for transformation challenge (nutritional education only) 

  • €299 for transformation challenge and online training programming (nutritional education and gym programming). This would be advised for non-members of FFS.


When is the deadline to sign up?

The deadline to sign up will be Monday 2nd September 2019 at 4pm, as we will be sending out all of the pre-challenge information on Monday 2nd September 2019. 

Any other questions?

Email info@ffs.ie .