January 29, 2017

In the first weightlifting blog post I shared my personal weightlifting story and why I love it. The second post focused more on the overall benefits. This time we’ll get more into the basics and what’s worth knowing before beginning weightlifting.

So as we already covered, there’s two lifts - the snatch and the clean & jerk.

The snatch is the faster of the two and involves moving the bar from ground to overhead in one movement.

The clean and jerk requires two se...

January 15, 2017

In the first post about weightlifting I covered what it is and why, for me, it absolutely rocks. Having trained with my fair share of different athletes over the last few years I can confirm that those subjective reasons are generally shared by others. Here’s a summary of those good-for-your-soul reasons along with some more benefits there for the taking:


When learning a lift (and I don’t just mean beginners, weightlifting is one of those ‘never stop learn...

December 24, 2016

Powerlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting – you’d be well forgiven for not being totally clear what any one or all of these are. Here’s a quick visual explanation:

What is weightlifting?

Olympic weightlifting (often referred to simply as weightlifting) is a competitive sport which involves two lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk. During the snatch the bar is brought overhead in one movement, using a wide grip. The clean & jerk has a narrow...

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