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Rory McInerney May 15, 2018 1:44:00 PM 1 min read

Episode 15: 12 Week Transformation Challenge Winners

Episode 15: 12 week Transformation Challenge
In episode 15 of the For Fit Sake podcast, Rudd’s and Rory sit down to chat with the latest FFS 12 week transformation challenge winners about achieving elite results with better basics.
The 3 winners share their secret for their amazing transformations including;
Motivations for change.Key learnings from the process.Advice for anyone looking to improve body composition.
Check out our transformation challenge winners below;
Courtney McDonnell

Niamh Roe

Isaac Butler

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Rory McInerney

Rory is the Founder of Fitter Faster Stronger, one of Ireland’s most innovative fitness communities. He studied Health and Performance Science and built up his experience in the fitness industry both at home and abroad as a strength and conditioning coach in a variety of disciplines. FFS Gyms pride themselves not only on their association with the elite but in their dedication to working with people of all levels of conditioning and experience. All Rory asks is that you buy into his philosophy that “anything worthwhile in life never comes easy.” Rory’s background combined with his degree in health and performance science has given him an insight into sports psychology, nutrition, molecular exercise science, physiology and clinical anatomy. This understanding of the integrated systems necessary for optimal health makes him the perfect candidate to help you achieve your goals.