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Brian Brennan Mar 7, 2020 9:00:00 AM 5 min read


The Trainer of the Month or #TOM award has become something of a legend since its inception in 2013. It is coveted by many but only a select few have attained the prestigious status.

Those who garner the unified vote of the coaching team wear this badge of honour with pride - but what exactly does it take for one to become trainer of the month? We are glad you asked.

It usually commences with Mike messaging the team:

“ToM votes in within the next 24 hours team”

However, there is one issue, the team already know this is no 24 hour affair! They battle it out to convince the team why their vote deserves the honour to be bestowed upon them


The criteria for attaining the Trainer of the Month award are simple but not easily attained or maintained for that matter.

Attendance and Consistency

Coaches first look at the members consistency in their training; how often do they train and at what intensity do they train. However, it is not all about intensity and frequency either, the coaches know all too well the repercussions of overtraining and under recovery - the balance must be right to avoid the athletes running themselves down or risking injury.


Second, attitude is taken into account. How does the nominated behave when receiving feedback? Do they actively seek to become the strongest version of themselves?


How often does the nominated step outside their comfort zone?

How much progress have they made not only physically but mentally? The gym is so much more than losing weight and building muscle – the members and coaches at FFS, understand how the gym is merely a tool to be utilized in developing ones character, in celebrating both the capabilities of body and mind.


Community is massive at FFS, we have observed relationships blossom and families grow as those coming of age develop an interest in health and fitness through observing their parents health and fitness regime.

We look at how they contribute to the team spirit at FFS Gyms, how they help their fellow members, and in the interest of full disclosure, a few healthy snacks never go astray when they are dropped in to the coaches for sample tasting.

And with that being said, without further ado

u, let’s hear what some of the things coaches had to say about this months trainer of the month and also what it meant to that member.

Coaches Feedback

“Incredible attitude throughout her life changing experience”

“Mindset and attitude are second to none”

“Has been an inspiration to everyone who knows her. Going through cancer treatment and still finding time to train consistently, swim in the sea and plan her own 12k charity run!”

“Epitome of taking things one day at a time and doing the amount of training that feels best each day”

“This month wasn’t even close, she swept it”

Members Response


What a lovely message to receive of a Wednesday!

Thank you all so much for the kind words. You have all been an incredible support to me over the last few months and I’ll be forever thankful.

FFS has been a massive part of my life for the last five years but it’s become my saviour in recent months. It’s given me a purpose.

Find out More

Want to join FFS Gyms and become one of our esteemed ToMs? We have memberships available in our locations North and South of the Liffey.

FFS Gym, Ivy Exchange, Parnell Street

FFS Gyms, 34 & 47 Leeson Street


Brian Brennan

When he is not coaching clients or fulfilling his duties as Head of Digital Marketing at FFS Gyms, Brian can be found leading our latest group of interns through our one of a kind FFS Internship programme or ensuring our newest members have all the need to start their journey to becoming the strongest version of themselves. Follow Brian on Instagram at @brianbren To find out more about 1:1 PT with Brian, email him at brian@ffs.ie