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Daragh McDonnell Nov 10, 2019 12:00:00 PM 10 min read

Online Coaching – Getting Fitter, Faster, Stronger anywhere in the world.

Why do I coach?
I started coaching as a way of helping people. I found a love for coaching through my own love for training. I found that training not only helped me perform better on the pitch in my sport but it also helped me to look and feel better. However, along the way I found myself inevitably making mistakes. This led to injuries, lack of progress at times, and frustration. I started coaching to help people of all ages avoid making my mistakes while also finding a similar love for training as I did.

What on earth is online coaching?
Online coachingis the ability for me to coach athletes worldwide, remotely. I can program people's training sessions and then have them complete them without any need for face-to-face contact. As one of my online clients, Hugh, said “I completed the entire program from Puerto Rico in the Caribbean where I live… it allows you spread your reach a lot further than north and south of the Liffey!”.

Why online coaching?
As previously stated, my main goal with coaching is to help people avoid making the same mistakes I made. With online coaching, I can influence many people that otherwise I may never get the opportunity to coach. As a teenager, I would never have had the money or the confidence to ask a coach for help with my programming, training, or movement patterns. Like all teenagers, I knew everything. However, due to the online coaching I can now offer an affordable way for teenagers and students to have access to quality coaching and programming without having to break the bank.

Online vs Face to Face Coaching.
1:1 Coaching
1:1 personal training is the gold standard in coaching. A coach can spend all the time during the training devoted to that individual client. As a coach, I can assess a client’s movement, mobility, strength, power, fitness, and nutrition and then design a program specifically for that clients’ needs and goals. A client will receive mobility programs, nutritional advice, constant access to the coach via phone or email, constant check-ins, flexibility with training times, re-assessments and support. This is all amazing and I wish as a younger athlete in school I had access to this but as everyone who has enquired about personal training anywhere is does cost money. It’s not over priced, as it is 100% worth every penny, but it does cost money.
Small Group Training
The next best thing after 1:1 coaching is small class training or team strength and conditioning. Most high level teams will have group strength and conditioning sessions and, here at FFS Gyms, we run classes with a small coach to member ratio. With small class training, coaches can screen and assess all clients prior to training and then inform them of the classes they should ideally do to get them to their goal. Whatever classes a client chooses to attend there will always be one or two coaches there to coach them through the sessions. This gives clients the opportunity to have a coach monitor their movements, loads, and techniques as they make their way through the sessions. When done correctly an athlete should never feel like they aren’t being coached or monitored. This type of training is not just like buying a membership to a facility where you train yourself so therefore it will be slightly more expensive than your regular membership. The main difference between class/group training and 1:1 training is the individuality of the program, nutritional advice, check ins, number of re-assessments and flexibility with training times.
So, what do you do if you cannot afford these two training types or don’t live near a facility that offer this high level of service. Do you simply buy a gym membership, walk in and do whatever, and hope that your general knowledge, pictures on the wall, and a Saturday night in watching Pumping Iron will give you the expertise to manoeuvre your way around the gym? This is what I did when I was younger and I see people do it every time I set foot in a gym.

Filling the gap with online coaching.
That’s where our online coaching can bridge that gap. Online coaching will never replace 1:1 or group training however, it can offer people who may live in locations without high quality gyms, travel a lot, or can’t afford personal training the opportunity to get quality coaching and programming.
Although remote coaching cannot correct your technique or encourage you to do one more rep it can give you the accountability to go to the gym, complete the full session, and lift more than you may have lifted last week. As with every training program whether it is the best or worst in the world, adherence to it will give you the results not the quality of the program.
By getting people to progressively lift more weights, cycle further, run faster, go to the gym more often, or take well deserved rest days I am helping them avoid the mistakes that I made when younger whilst also helping them to look, feel, and perform better. This, at the end of the day, is my goal in coaching.
What we offer in our online coaching.
Our online coaching caters for both male and females looking for either fat loss or muscle growth.
The app - When you sign up you get access to our online training app with full videos, instructions, demos, and alternates for each exercise. You will also be able to record all the weights you lift and metres you complete in the app for you to access at any moment when trying to improve. Prior to each session your readiness or wellness will be assessed monitoring your sleep, fatigue, mood, and energy.
Support – Twice a week your coach will check in on you and monitor your adherence to the program. If you are falling behind or simply have a few questions about the training your coach will be on hand to answer any queries. You will also be able to see a leaderboard of those completing the program with you. This can help you push yourself to improve or confirm how hard you are working.
For more details on price and sign up links please follow this link or contact me directly at daraghmc@ffs.ie.
About the Author

Daragh is a leading coach for FFS Gyms Online Training Programmes. He is a Personal Trainer at FFS Gyms and an S&C coach for The High School Dublin.
Email Daragh at daraghmc@ffs.ie
Find Daragh on Instagram at @daraghmcdonnell

Daragh McDonnell

Daragh is a leading coach for FFS Gyms Online Training Programmes. He is a Personal Trainer at FFS Gyms and an S&C coach for The High School Dublin. Email Daragh at daraghmc@ffs.ie Find Daragh on Instagram at @daraghmcdonnell