March 13, 2019

We are excited to launch our 12-week online training and nutrition program "The Unit Factory". We have tested our program over the last year with countless athletes and combined our FFS Gyms coaching knowledge to deliver the best online program to build lean muscle and promote fat loss. Find out what it is all about in this blog post.

October 16, 2018

Do you want to appear sexier, feel awesome and perform to your true potential?

Imagine if someone told you there was a new wonder supplement that would increase your performance across every spectrum of your life. Physically make you lift more, move faster and perform better. Mentally, increase your concentration, boost energy levels and accelerate cognitive functions.... actually make you smarter in real time.

Now imagine if that same supplement could make you...

December 1, 2017

 I've first hand heard all of this in the last week at FFS Nutrition. "I heard this berry from the Amazon is what the Rock takes everyday, is it a Superfood ? "Black pudding is basically Irish caviar surely the protein in it makes it a superfood?" "This new energy drink has traces of "gangeriataun" a "known proven superfood, an undiscovered source of energy that can boost performance by 150%!" Is it any good, Craig?" 

Superfoods are generally considered as...

June 18, 2016

As a personal trainer this article may seem like a shameless promotion of the benefits of my services. That being said I think it is important to remind ourselves of the importance of regular exercise or training. Many people find it difficult to fit training into their busy schedule. Well here a few reasons why you should make exercise a priority in your weekly schedule alongside your work, family, educational and social commitments.

A few possible benefits of...

June 13, 2016

Time and the lack off is one of the single biggest reasons people give me when I encourage them to engage in healthy eating practices. It’s often seen as the ultimate defence when it comes to challenging current behaviours .An almost ever present roadblock to encouraging the introduction of a new approach. After all if someone is working a 50hour week and has 3 kids, you can’t exactly say he or she is twiddling their thumbs and can take up a new hobby. Here ar...

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