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Craig McInerney Aug 31, 2020 1:15:00 PM 9 min read



In the absence of the Tokyo Olympics, the FFS Games duly stepped up and over-delivered for drama, sporting endeavour and all-out true spirit of competition. Team South were heavy favourites going into the friendly duel with a huge squad to chose from and a proven track record at the top for over 7 years. A tradition of winning they were always going to be a hard team to beat on any day

Team North. The new kids on the block only respect one thing. Hard work! With a smaller squad to choose from, going to an away venue against a stacked opposition. They would never take a backward step but would sheer will of determination be enough against such a worthy adversary?


The Gauntlet

7 Stations. Two Teams socially distanced and head to head. Max effort from each member on each stations for 90 seconds. Team with the highest total score from all members on each station awarded 1 point. 7 points up for grabs. The Gauntlet involved:

  • Rower
  • Push-Ups
  • Med Ball Slams
  • Straight Arm Burpee with Clap
  • Samson Hold
  • Heavy Metal Lunges
  • Flag Bear Crawls
    MVP on each station. Male/Female
  • Rower: Ferghal K /Ciara M
  • Push-Ups: Dave C /Jenni B
  • Med Ball Slams: Brian M /Sinead D
  • Straight Arm Burpee with Clap: Shane F /Tie Anna P-Cara M
  • Samson Hold: Multiples only 5 drops out of 14
  • Heavy Metal Lunges: Clay H/Tie Anna P/Jenni B
  • Flag Bear Crawls: Carl W/Ciara M
    Gauntlet Team Winners
  • Rower- Team South =216 Cals vs Team North (212 Cals)
  • Push-Ups: Team North = 249 Reps vs Team South (241 Reps)
  • Med Ball Slams: Team South =326 Slams vs Team North (301 Slams)
  • Straight Arm Burpee with Clap: Team North= Reps vs Team South (253 Reps)
  • Samson Hold: Team North=5 drops vs Team South (7 Drops)
  • Heavy Metal Lunges: Team South= 373 Reps vs Team South (368 Reps)
  • Flag Bear Crawls: Team South = 121 Lengths vs Team North (94 Lengths)

Going into the Final Showdown. Team South on 4 points vs Team North on 3 points.

The Final Showdown

Each team nominated 3 athletes to go forward to accumulate burpee reps , while the remaining 4 would hold a plank. Team with the most reps wins, every time someone drops from a hold 10 reps would be taken off the team total. There were 2 points up for grabs for the final station. Team South only held a tentative 1 point lead. The winner would be crowned the FFS Games Champion.

Team South nominated David C, Jenni B and Ciara M as there rep getters. Team North nominated Damien M, Anna P, Rachel L. It went down to the wire and in the last 15 seconds, a flag was thrown for a 10 rep penalty for Team South. On the final count, Team North crossed the line with 153 and Team South with 156, however taking the 10 rep penalty. Team South finished on 146 and Team North was declared the victors.

The Controversial Final...Final Showdown

Team North rejoiced from a social distanced, the impossible dream had become a reality but all was not well on the other side of the camp. Team South refused to accept the terms of victor and demanded a rematch. Team North who were completely within their rights to tell them to accept defeat and ride into the sunset as the official winners took the harder route to victory. Team North accepted a rematch, never one to back down from anything and knowing as a team they would never bow or be broken proudly declared…..BRING IT ON!

Roles reversed and Ferg S, Cara M, Shane F and Carl W stepped forward for the rep getters for Team South. Team North put Brian M, Fearghal K, Clay H and Sinead D as the team to back up the first effort of their valiant teammates.

In the end, in this truly epic clash of brothers and sisters. Team North was once again the team on top and the undisputed Champ Champs of the FFS Games. We are already counting down the days to the next chapter in the ultimate of friendly family feuds.

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Craig McInerney

Craig is Director of FFS Gym at Parnell Street. He is an S&C Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and program director of our Suspension & Body-weight Program across all 3 FFS Gyms. If you would like to know more about training. Email Craig at craig@ffs.ie Find Craig on Instagram at @craig_ffs