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Craig McInerney Apr 16, 2020 4:00:00 PM 8 min read

The FFS Home Games

This Sunday the 19th of April at 12.00 we will discover who will crown themselves The FFS Home Games Champions.

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The FFS Home Games will be a competitive event with Male and Female Athlete categories. The athletes will compete over 7 events. 6 main events and a marathon finisher. Athletes are allocated points based on their rankings in the respective events. Female and Male Athlete with the most points at the closing ceremony wins. The Games will take place on a restricted zoom class exclusive to FFS members. Depending on athletic efforts the games could last anywhere from 30-45 mins.

What you will need on the day :

  • 2 x full standard toilet rolls and 2 x full standard canned good goods (eg. beans etc)
  • Camera and space set up where an FFS coach can clearly see you perform all the events
  • Determination and appetite to display athletic endeavour like no other before you!

The FFS Home Games Events and Rules

3 points allocated for each main events from 1st to 3rd. Gold, Silver and Bronze.

  • Gold=3 Points
  • Silver= 2 Points
  • Bronze= 1 Points

10 points allocated for the final marathon event from 1st to 3rd. Gold, Silver and Bronze.

  • Gold=5 Point
  • Silver= 3 Points
  • Bronze= 2 Points

All scores must be verified by FFS judges. Athletes and their endeavours must be fully visible on camera.

Main Events

1- SA Burpees with Clap = 90 secs max reps

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HubSpot Video

Rules: Arms straight at the top with a clap, standing tall and hips to full extension

2-Braced Core Sit-Ups =90 sec max reps

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HubSpot Video

Rules: Both Thumbs to touch toilet roll between knees, back of shoulders to touch toilet roll behind back to count as full rep, feet remain on the ground throughout

3-Push-Ups =90 secs max reps (floor or elevated)

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Rules: Chest to toilet roll and arms to full extension or same rule on an elevated surface. In event of a tie on an elevated surface, the lowest elevation wins.

4-Rollin Split Squats = 90 secs max reps (45 secs both each leg)

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Rules-: Both thumbs in toilet roll behind the head, the knee must touch the top of toilet roll on every rep, the front leg must come into extension at the top on each rep

5-Wall Sits = Max time without toilet roll hitting the floor or legs breaking 90 degrees

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Rules: Lower back and shoulder touch wall, 2 x toilets rolls placed end to end between the legs.

6-Tough Hang =Max Time without the arms dropping below shoulder height, elbows bending, or toilet roll hitting the floor. Toilet roll on top of cans.

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Rules: Toilet roll placed on top of standard cans and in a half-kneeling position arms straight throughout

Marathon Finisher

7-Marathon Bear Crawl= Max Time Bear Crawl

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Rules: Toilet Roll on back falls more than 2 times disqualified, once knees touch ground you are out.

Want to be one of the few athletes in the globe to be involved in an organised sporting competition?

Want to hear your name echoed through the virtual halls of FFS with reverence and adulation? Or do you simply want to have a great session with cool challenges amongst friends? Whatever your motivation get yourself booked in for this Sunday at 12.00.


How to get involved?

FFS Members, sign in via the FFS App - you will see the event listed on Sunday.

Want to find out how to get involved in FFS Gyms Online Gyms and Virtual Community events? Then check out our Online Gym.

At FFS, we believe consistent training not only builds up your physical fitness, but helps you become mentally stronger too. If you want to know more check out the FFS Online Gym by clicking here.

Stay Strong & Safe,








Craig McInerney

Craig is Director of FFS Gym at the Ivy Exchange. Our brand new gym located opposite the Rotunda Hospital, just off Parnell Street. He is an S&C Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and program director of our Suspension & Body-weight Program across all 3 FFS Gyms. If you would like to know more about training at #ffsnorth contact him at craig@ffs.ie. Email Craig at craig@ffs.ie Find Craig on Instagram at @craig_ffs