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Craig McInerney May 7, 2020 2:10:46 PM 4 min read

This May at FFS Gym Online

This May at FFS Online Gym


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Building true functional strength, maximising your aerobic power and improving your 5k speed are just some of the exciting online programs on offer for FFS members this May. The “Your Home of Hard Work program” delivered through the Train Heroic app has up to 10 individual sessions to choose from every week.

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What's involved?

The program has over 40 unique sessions spread out over 4 weeks. You can pick and choose to do as little or as much as you wish. It's a versatile resource for whenever you want to train.

Each week there will be:

  • Bodyweight Strength sessions called “True Strength “
  • Aerobic Power sessions imaginatively called “Aerobic Power”
  • Aerobic Capacity sessions called “ Tank Builders”
  • Active Recovery sessions called “ Movement & Mobility”
  • FFS Gym Run club sessions called “Tempo Runs and Tank Builder Runs”
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How does it work

It is a structured week-on-week program to help you progress. You can track your scores, talk to the coaches for advice, and engage with other members for encouragement

  • All the exercises have videos demos and alternate exercises to cater for all levels.
  • Pick any sessions you like and train on any day you choose.
  • Complete freedom to do as little or as many sessions as you like.
  • Customise the sessions to regress or progress exercises.
  • Pick alternative movements or ask a coach if you are not sure.
  • Discuss your training with other FFS members on the team feed.
  • Option to compare and input scores into leader-boards.

Find Out More

The full 40 sessions are live right now on the app for all FFS Members!

Want to try the FFS Online gym for yourself? CLICK HERE to get Fitter, Faster, Stronger.....no matter where you are.

Want to try Online Coaching? CLICK HERE to check out our different online coaching options.







Craig McInerney

Craig is Director of FFS Gym at the Ivy Exchange. Our brand new gym located opposite the Rotunda Hospital, just off Parnell Street. He is an S&C Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and program director of our Suspension & Body-weight Program across all 3 FFS Gyms. If you would like to know more about training at #ffsnorth contact him at craig@ffs.ie. Email Craig at craig@ffs.ie Find Craig on Instagram at @craig_ffs