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Anna Pfeifer Jan 25, 2023 8:00:00 AM 4 min read

How Yoga can Improve Mobility

Mobility is a hot topic at the moment and so it should be; we are spending more time that ever in sedentary positions, working longer hours and moving less. Add in daily stress and irregular sleep patterns into the mix and this can really start to affect our mobility at any age.

Mobility and flexibility are closely related and can often be confused. They are NOT the same thing. Mobility incorporates flexibility and strength (how a joint moves) whilst flexibility is the length of a muscle.


Try this quick test if you have a minute to spare: Lift your leg, bending into knee and lift as high as you can unaided. This is the mobility in your hip. Now hold onto the knee and pull it towards the chest, the additional range you achieve here is the flexibility. Can you see the difference?

So why is mobility so important?

To be more mobile means to move more freely. It means being stronger and more stable, decreasing your risk of injury and increasing your ability to move with less effort. Everyone from athletes, fitness fanatics, casual joggers, busy parents and elderly people (the list goes on) can benefit from improving range of motion and stabilisation.

There are many causes for bad mobility and the inability to move freely and without pain:

  • Muscle imbalances

  • Muscle weakness

  • Tightness

  • Improper alignment and posture

  • An injury that is currently in rehabilitation or was not fully or properly rehabilitated.

How does Yoga help improve mobility?

Yoga is the sequencing of movements to challenge balance, “MOBILITY,” static motor control and dynamic motor control – these are known as flows. Tightness/stiffness and pain are generally caused by the lack of recruitment in other muscle groups e.g. a sore back may have a weak abdominal section to blame. Yoga works through all planes of movement so that multiple joints and muscles are used in every sequence leading to increased mobility and greater range of motion.

So to summarise, mobility work should be included in your training regime and daily life no matter what, even 10 minutes a day or one yoga class a week will make a difference and believe me your body will thank you!

It means choosing exercises that focus on increasing range of motion, stabilisation, and muscle control. It will focus on the weaknesses and muscle imbalances, which can help protect against injuries so that you can move better and more controlled without compromise or restrictions.


Yoga for Muscle Recovery* is on the schedule in Leeson St and is part of your membership:

  • Tuesdays @ 13.30
  • Saturdays @ 09.3o & 10.30 (45mins) 

*Classes are a combine dynamic yoga flow (vinyasa style) and mobility exercises as it's all about feeling good and moving with intent and control.