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Our small class sizes allow our top-class coaches to pay personal attention to every individual., we’re here to help you constantly improve your form.

Train at the Home of Hard Work

Gym Classes in Dublin

Our coaches create class plans which gradually progress over a 4-8 week period. The aim of this planning and preparation is to create the most effective and enjoyable training possible. Everything we do here at FFS is based around a long-term approach to fitness. We don’t believe in quick fixes. Instead, we favour thought-out, well-structured training programmes which drive long-term progress and enjoyment. 

FFS Gym Class Schedule

Indoor Classes

FFS Gyms Leeson St
FFS Gyms Ivy Exchange
FFS Gym Class Schedule

Online & Outdoors Classes

FFS Gyms Online Class Schedule
FFS Gyms Outdoors Class Schedule

Metabolic Conditioning Classes

This high intensity workout aims to improve cardiovascular fitness and can boost your metabolism for up to 48 hours.

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Strength & Conditioning

Whatever your current fitness level is, build muscle mass with our programme of strength and conditioning classes. Find our More

Suspension & Bodyweight Classes

Using a combination of training equipment and free movement exercises, our suspension and bodyweight classes aim to improve your body’s muscular endurance.

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Bodyweight Blitz

This quick, but intense class, is designed to improve both muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Find Out More

Olympic Lifting

Our Olympic Lifting course teaches you each lift by breaking them down into separate phases. Our coaches take great care to ensure you achieve correct form.

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