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Bodyweight Blitz

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This 30 minute workout is designed to help you improve both muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Under the supervision of our top-class coaches, you’ll perform fundamental movement patterns against external resistance from bodyweight, dumbells and kettlebells. These classes also include some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or circuit training, which aims to maintain and elevate your heart rate and increase fitness levels.

Each month, our coaches put together a 4 to 5 week class plan with the objective of maximising our members’ muscular endurance and fitness.

This is a great class for anyone who enjoys circuit training. It’s also ideal for those who are short on time and require an efficient, but intense, workout.

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The FFS Guarantee

At FFS, our classes are constantly evolving based on scientific principles and the practical experiences of our team. So every session will be a challenge bringing you the best benefits possible.

Our training is also underpinned by exceptional coaching. We put form first and teach you to do each movement pattern correctly. In every class you’ll receive personal attention which will help you learn how to perform each exercise correctly