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FFS Community Events

Upcoming Events

09 June | 7:00pm | Zoom | With Sinead | Members Only

Work with Your Cycle

Let's Go with the Flow!
01 June | 11:30am | Zoom | With Darragh | Members Only

What's for Brunch?


From charity fundraisers to competitive tournaments, we’re extremely proud of some of our FFS community events today.

With social distancing in place, all our physical events are currently on hold. But we will have Weekly virtual community events – that are members only events. We are putting together a fun calendar of quizzes, cook along sessions, Q&As and other events. Events are typically Sundays and your family are more than welcome to join!

Come for the coaching, stay for the community

What to expect at FFS events

As part of our people first philosophy, the FFS team takes great care to plan thoughtful events for its members and staff to enjoy. Planning our community events takes consistency and time, but so does staying fit. Here at the Home of Hard Work, we’re happy to reward our community for their dedication.

FFS aims to organise a community get together for staff and members every month. Events can range from small group hikes in Howth, right through to big charity events. Sometimes we stay local, sometimes we venture abroad. But wherever each event takes us, always expect laughs, craic and high energy.

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