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Craig McInerney

Gym Manager of FFS Parnell St
S&C Coach
Personal Trainer
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A Little Bit About Craig

Craig is one of our most experienced trainers and has amassed 1000’s of coaching hours helping people look, feel and perform better. Finding out what new clients want and combining it with what they need is the starting point. Combining this with passionate 1:1 coaching, intelligent sustainable programming and a huge emphasis on enjoying each season is the process. Advice and encouragement and in nutrition, health and wellness are all part of his coaching method to train the whole person to help them become the strongest version of themselves.


Personal Training

The Strongest Version of Yourself

Smart individual / specific programming and coaching

Building People Up, Not Breaking Them Down

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What Craig's Clients Say About Him...

Liam Bretherton Personal Training Client
After years of neglecting my health, fitness and myself for family, work and pretty much anything I could use as an excuse not to exercise. In what seemed five minutes I had gained over 20kg. I started to notice many health issues lethargy, out of breath walking up stairs, along with every piece of clothing no longer fitting. With consistent support from Craig I have broken the mold of the old me, I have lost 14 lbs in body weight, 8% body fat, lifting 55kg more on my bench press, 60kg more on my Hex deadlift and pleasingly almost halved my 500m rowing time. I have turned a corner, training & eating healthier is the new me. This couldn't have been possible without the precise programming and consistent support from Craig.
Gavin Thornberry Personal Training Client
I’ve been quick to jump on gym programs and swapping to something when I got bored or had no tangible results to see in terms of progression etc.. Craig was exactly what I was looking for tracking scores, setting goals and the big one for me - alternates. I was able to push my body without it affecting my knees.
The added benefit of the nutrition side of things was huge. What is a very complex topic is broken down into easy to understand. I’ve noticed a huge change, friends and family have noticed and people who last saw me 12 weeks ago are shocked.
Damien Murtagh FFS Ivy Exchange Member
I have consistent sleep, much more energy and I have lost weight and gained muscle. If you are thinking about joining I can’t convey how much benefit you will get from this gym.