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At FFS, we want to ensure there are no barriers to prevent you from becoming the strongest version of yourself. If you have any questions or reservations about getting started on your fitness journey, get in touch with our helpful team.

At FFS, we want to ensure there are no barriers to prevent you from becoming the strongest version of yourself. Take a look at the information we have compiled below if you have any questions or reservations about getting started on your fitness journey.



What is the New Member Induction session?

Our specialist coach shows you "The FFS Way '' - How we have helped thousands of members get stronger and fitter through our coaching systems. We help you get the most out of our classes right away by finding your Strength & Fitness baselines in bang-for-buck exercises. We discover your goals, where you are currently at in your fitness journey and how we can help improve,  Our coach will show you how we track our results and measure progress in our app. We will also get you up to speed on the FFS Spotting System so we can perform with confidence and safety. Finally, you will receive your FFS welcome pack and your coach will answer any questions to make sure you have the best experience from day one.

There is a one off €100 fee separate to that of your monthly membership. A small discount is available if you are joining together with a spouse, friend or colleague. Get in touch to find out more!

What does the New Member Induction session entail?
  1. Movement Screen Analysis
  2. Exercise Form and Breathing on selected exercises
  3. How class timings work and rest periods work using the clock
  4. How classes are structured and coached (warm-ups, main blocks, demos and coaching cues)
  5. Effective Spotting and Being Spotted.
  6. Working with partners in class
  7. Where they live on the FFS Movement
  8. Continuum in the fundamentals for when they start. (regressions, progressions and alternate exercises if required)
  9. Baseline Strength & Fitness Scores (Resistances and Targets when starting)
  10. Demo of how to track progress in classes using our app
  11. Receive your FFS welcome pack 
Do I have to do the New Member Induction?

Yes, the new member induction is essential to ensuring you get the most out of your FFS Experience. We will screen you for any mobility and flexibility restrictions you may have and prescribe relevant work on programs to improve functional movement and reduce injury risk. We show you how to step by step set and achieve your goals, recommend what classes to attend and assess your current level of health and fitness.

Do you currently have membership available?

FFS Leeson Street - we currently have Gold, Silver and Bronze memberships available. Please email info@ffs.ie to sign up!

FFS Parnell Street - Gold, Silver and Bronze memberships available to start straight away. Please get in touch with info@ffs.ie today to book your New Member Induction and secure your spot!

Do you offer drop in rates for classes?

No, you must be a member of FFS to attend a class.

Can I pay my personal training fees in instalments?

We would love to help in any way we can. Please get in touch with info@ffs.ie.

Do you have showers at the gym?

We have showers, changing and vanity sections in all gyms (dryer, hair straightener, etc)

Do you have parking or somewhere to lock my bike at the gym?

There is plenty of paid car parking in the area and most members lock their bike to the railings outside each gym on Lesson street and we have an exclusive secure bike race area for Parnell street members.

Can I train by myself in the gym?

No, All members attend expertly coach-led classes in a group environment. When you experience this you'll never want to train alone again!

What is your class booking policy?

Please refer to our Class Booking Cancellation & Non-Arrival Policy.

Can I train at FFS if I'm pregnant?

Yes. If you're an existing FFS member you can continue in classes throughout your pregnancy as long as you feel able. It's important that your doctor has cleared you for moderate exercise. You should let one of the coaches know immediately and we will clarify what changes need to be made to ensure that you can exercise safely. Rest assured that confidentiality is of utmost importance to us.

You can download FFS Guide to Exercise during Pregnancy here. Pregnant members can do classes, 1:1 Personal Training with any coach, or contact info@ffs.ie for more information on Small Group Personal Training for Pregnancy.

Can I pause my membership towards the end of my pregnancy?

We offer up to 12 weeks pause on memberships in advance of and following childbirth. Email info@ffs.ie with any queries or to confirm your pause.

I have an injury that affects me doing certain exercises, can I still be accommodated in your classes?

Absolutely, we can add an injury alert to your FFS profile and provide alternates where needed. Please note personal training may be recommend in certain instances.

What is your membership cancellation policy?

All memberships are based on monthly rolling contract and we do require 30 days advance written notice if you wish to cancel early. 

How do I pay for my membership?

All memberships are paid monthly on the 1st of every month by direct debit. You may see the deduction from your bank on the 5th/6th of the month.

If you would like to start at any stage during a month we can pro-rata whatever remaining days are left so you can get started straight away.

I have completed my New Member Induction, what happens now? Your payment processing should have been set up already when you booked your New Member Induction and a start date agreed with the Head Office. Then within 48 hours of completing your New Member Induction session, you will receive a PDF detailing your results, the fundamentals of good nutrition and relevant mobility programs. You can always touch base with any of the team if you are not sure. 
I still haven’t received my FFS Welcome Mail?

We will contact you with the email associated with your FFS Profile log in (i.e. the one you use to create you FFS Mindbody account). Please ensure this is the primary address you wish to be contacted on. Also, check your spam/junk or promo folder!

What classes should I attend? Based on your goals, you will receive a breakdown of what classes you should attend. For a full description of classes, please visit the The Workout section on our site.
Do you provide Nutrition plans?

We don’t tell you what to eat, we help you understand how to make better and sustainable healthy choices. If you would like to learn more about how to achieve that, please check out our add on Online Nutrition Coaching service here.



How do I access FFS Physiotherapy?

Press the FFS Physiotherapy buzzer at Ground Floor Level at 34 Lesson St Lower, Dublin 2 and you will be met by your Chartered Physiotherapist.

What do I bring?

Bring a suitable top/shorts depending on area of issue e.g sports shorts for a knee issue.

How do I pay?

You can pay using cash or card.

How long will my session by?

Initial consultation is 45 minutes, standard consultation is also 45 minutes.

Will I be treated on my Initial consultation?

We intend on commencing the recovery process by treating within your first visit at FFS Physiotherapy.

Will you provide a receipt for my Health Insurance Provider?

A receipt will be provided after every session, we are recognised by all major insurance companies.

When does somebody need Physiotherapy?

When they have suffered - sudden injury, experience pain on a daily basis, daily activities including sleep have been affected, if they experience weakness,numbness in their limb. Physiotherapy helps people become the best versions of themselves.

What is your cancellation policy for appointments?

We ask that you please give at least 24 hours notice in the event that you cannot attend your scheduled appointment slot. This allows another patient to be scheduled. If a patient misses an appointment without contacting the clinic, this is considered a missed appointment and a 50% fee will be charged. Contact physio@ffs.ie .

For members


When contacting us about an app or booking issue....

Please provide the following to help us troubleshoot for you as quickly as possible:

  1. Complete the FFS App Troubleshooting 101 (see the next FAQ) to rule out the app connection issues on your device. Let us know you've done this.
  2. State the exact issue you are experiencing. The more details you can provide us the better! For example, when I tried to book Met Con in the Leeson St location on July 10th, this error message 'Blah' came up.
  3. Are you iPhone or Android? What's your iOS version and your FFS app version?
  4. A supplementary screenshot is always appreciated in case if we need to get in touch with Mindbody support team to investigate further.

This will save you and us a few back and forth emails before we can start investigating.

FFS APP Troubleshooting 101
  1. Make sure your phone has the most up-to-date operating system.
  2. Make sure your FFS app is the most up-to-date version.
  3. Force quit the app and reload. Sometimes that's all it takes!
  4. Log out, delete and reinstall the app.
  5. If all above are checked and still not working, then please email info@ffs.ie with as much details as you can provide and we'll have to get in touch with Mindbody support team to investigate further.
All my booked classes are gone!

Sometimes when Mindbody does a background update, it automatically logs you out. Check to make sure you are logged in!

If you are and you still don't see those classes you know you 100% did book....chances are you might have accidentally created a duplicate FFS profile!

Let's not get into the boring details of how it might have happened. Get in touch (info@ffs.ie) to let us know. We will sort you out from the back end.

My app is telling me to buy services when I'm trying to book a class!

Try to reload the app. Sometimes technology just gets a little confused every now and then!

Or have you attended the max. number of classes per week for your membership type? Remember that it's max. 1 class per day per member and a late-cancel or no show is considered a used session.

If you think there's a mistake, get in touch (info@ffs.ie) to let us know!

I don't see any classes on the schedule!

Remember that we have 2 locations - Leeson St and Ivy Exchange. Make sure you are in the right location to book classes.

Online and outdoor classes can be found under the Leeson St location.

The gym classes can be found in each respective location.


Though it's default to have the systems automated emails opted in when your profile was created for the first time, you might have turned it off by accident.

Please log in to the Mindbody desktop site here and opt in to receive 'Reminders and schedule changes'.

Having trouble receiving the reset password email? Or issues logging in?

This could mean that your Mindbody account wasn't properly linked to FFS Gyms or you have created a duplicate profile.

You could try the steps in this support article to resolve the issue.

We actually wouldn't be able to help you in this case. Please call Mindbody Support (01) 536 0662. Press 0 or # to bypass the switchboard when asked for site ID to speak to an agent directly.

Other ways to manage your classes while your FFS app is out of action

You can book or cancel your classes via Mindbody desktop or Mindboy app while your FFS app is down.

What is your membership cancellation policy?

The gym cancellation policy is 30 days notice