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Training Safely

At FFS we have gone to great lengths to not only ensure the safety of our members and staff but also to ensure that the FFS experience is true to our values and how we want to train people. With this in mind, sessions are socially distanced in individual training pods. This allows our team to deliver exceptional coaching in an environment that harnesses all the energy of our normal group classes. Come see for yourself.

Fitter, Faster, Stronger

Our top-class training isn’t just about bettering your body. It’s also about having more energy, feeling great and being prepared to overcome resistance - whatever life throws at you. At FFS, we believe consistent training not only builds up your physical fitness, but helps you become mentally stronger too.

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Latest News

Check out our latest blogs, where FFS’s expert coaches regularly share advice to help members become the strongest versions of themselves. Covering everything from goal setting and training, to nutrition and injury management, it’s well worth a read.

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People First

People First

At FFS, strength is at the heart of everything we do. We’re here to help you become the strongest version of yourself, whatever that strength may be to you. We want you to have more energy, feel good and be prepared to overcome resistance in every area of life.


Dedicated Trainers

Dedicated Trainers

Our team is made up of a diverse group of results-driven coaches. They are passionate about fitness and strive to deliver exceptional coaching to each of our members and clients. All of our team meet the highest industry standards as well as several having 3rd level and higher sports science / S&C degrees. We strive to implement a world class CPD system that all coaches are engaged in. 


Community that cares

Community that cares

As part of our people first philosophy, the FFS team takes great care to plan thoughtful events for its members and staff to enjoy. Planning our community events takes consistency and time, but so does staying fit. Here at the Home of Hard Work, we’re happy to reward our community for their dedication.

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With three FFS gyms located in Dublin 1 & 2, we’ve come a long way since our modest beginnings in 2013. We are actively seeking new opportunities to reach more potential customers. We want to help you to become the strongest version of yourself? Find your nearest FFS gym now. 

The FFS Community

At FFS, we believe fitness should be fun. While we’re serious about training and performance, we also do our best to build a strong community spirit. This keeps our members motivated and makes it easier for them to stay fit in the long run.

Community Events

The FFS Podcast

Hosted by the FFS founders, Ciaran and Rory, the For Fit Sake podcast provides a monthly dose of inspiration for anyone trying to improve their health and fitness.

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