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Online Coaching with FFS

Online Coaching Ireland

Our online coaching services

Wherever you are, our online coaching aims to bring our exceptional training programmes directly to you. Our friendly and professional coaches are here to help get you started on your fitness journey.

Our online coaching provide access to FFS’ highly-skilled, professional coaches. 

At FFS, we put people first so our trainers offer advice tailored just for you based on whatever your individual needs and goals are.

Our team of friendly coaches care about your results and aim to motivate you in a positive online setting. They pay attention to every detail, bringing wisdom to your workout whatever your level of fitness, wherever in the world you are.


By signing up to the FFS Online Coaching, you’ll gain access to:


  • The online training programme, that empowers you to achieve impressive outcomes if you work hard
  • FFS’ high quality training app
  • Full video demos and written instructions for every exercise



  • Alternates for every exercise, which can be performed in any gym
  • Performance and wellness assessments at every session
  • Twice weekly check-ins with one of our coaches for advice on your programme and your performance
  • Every score, weight and effort recorded in the app

Stronger everyday

When you sign up for FFS Online Coaching, you choose from three program options:

Full Gym 
  • Muscle & Strength Building
    •  Aims to increase muscle mass and strength through strength and conditioning based training, and scientifically backed principles.
  • Fat Loss
    • Aims to decrease overall body fat through strength training and conditioning based workouts aimed at burning lots of calories. All of which is based on scientific research.

  • Access to an entire gym including barbells, squat rack, multiple bumper plates (2.5-25kg), DBs 5kg-40kg, KBs 8kg-20kg and a pull up bar.
  • Home Gym
    • Aims to build muscle mass while increasing your overall movement through use of challenging crawl based exercises and a single dumbbell or kettlebell.
    • Requirement: x1 10kg + DB/KB

You can select the one that suits you at the time of completing your enrolment form after payment.

Within each program, you can choose your goal whether it be a strength, fat loss, or muscle growth focused.



Online Coaching Pricing Plans

  • Your training program starts as soon as you've completed the payment and your enrolment form.
  • Enrol at any time to gain access to our knowledgeable and committed coaching in just a few clicks.


  • 3- month upfront.
  • Non-refundable.
  • Please complete the enrolment form after payment confirmation.
€130 one off

Train Anywhere, Train Everywhere

We use the Train Heroic app to send you exercises, track your progress and make getting fit as easy as possible for you. Get the App

The FFS Guarantee

At FFS, our classes are constantly evolving based on scientific principles and the practical experiences of our team. So every session will be a challenge bringing you the best benefits possible.

Our training is also underpinned by exceptional coaching. We put form first and teach you to do each movement pattern correctly. In every class you’ll receive personal attention which guarantees you are always performing each exercise correctly.