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Online Coaching With FFS

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Online Training with FFS Gyms

Using the TrainHeroic App

  • Video Demonstrations: Learn how to move better with exercise demonstrations
  • POMS Scale: Track your sleep, energy levels, muscle soreness and much more to see your readiness to train
  • Track Data: Track weight lifted on your favourite exercises to monitor your progress
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Online Coaching Ireland

Why FFS online coaching?

By signing up to the FFS Online Coaching, you'll gain access to:
  • Personalized training program tailored to your needs and requirements
  • FFS high quality training app which allows for tracking of weight lifted and reps completed
  • Full video demons for each exercise
  • Weekly check-ins via Google Meet

Online Coaching Pricing Plans

  • Your training program starts as soon as you've completed the payment and your enrolment form
  • Enrol at any time to gain access to our knowledgeable and committed coaching in just a few clicks


12-Week Program
Use of the TrainHeoric app
1:1 messaging with coach via Whatsapp
Weekly meeting via Google Meet
Goal setting and habit tracking
Calorie and protein targets
A 12-week program that is personalised to your requirements and goals and constructed on scientifically-backed principles.
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The FFS Guarantee

At FFS, our classes are constantly evolving based on scientific principles and the practical experiences of our team. So every session will be a challenge bringing you the best benefits possible.

Our training is also underpinned by exceptional coaching. We put form first and teach you to do each movement pattern correctly. In every class you’ll receive personal attention which guarantees you are always performing each exercise correctly.

Train Anywhere, Train Everywhere

We use the Train Heroic app to send you exercises, track your progress and make getting fit as easy as possible for you. Get the App