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Free Trial


FFS Charity Event in Aid of ALONE

Application is closed now

Deadline to register: March 18th 2021

20 Teams of 4


Competing over 4 weeks


Trained by our coaches


Event Starts March 22nd


Event Ends April 19th


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How Does It Work?

We are looking for 20 Teams to take part in a 4-week remote programme

These teams will be competing against one another in a series of fitness challenges.

The programme consists of:

  • 4 sessions each week, 3 training sessions and 1 coach-supervised testing session.
  • The programme will be directed toward the 3 components of the FFS brand name: “Fitter”,“Faster” and “Stronger” challenges.
  • The best performers each week will receive points that will accumulate over the 4 week challenge.

As part of the programme, each team will actively seek an older person from their community, to join their team for the 4 week challenge. For those who don't have someone in mind we will work with the ALONE community to find a suitable participant. All challenges for the older person on your team will be tailored to their capabilities. This could be the perfect opportunity to get a grandparent, parent or neighbour involved in physical activity and the community aspect of what we do at FFS.... all for free!

🎊 There will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams at the end of the challenge!

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