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Meet the FFS Team

The highest quality professional skills

Our team is made up of a diverse and quirky group of results-driven coaches. Some of them love KFC and burgers, others binge watch Ireland’s fittest family. But they are all passionate about fitness and strive to deliver exceptional training to each of our members.

All our coaches are trained to the highest standards and constantly develop their skills in-house at FFS. They are trained to help people of every age and fitness to achieve their goals and provide advice tailored specifically to their needs. So you can rely on our trustworthy coaches to take you through your workout.

Making fitness fun in a friendly environment

As well as top-class training, our coaches also aim to create a fun environment to train and work in. Our enjoyable and supportive atmosphere encourages members to attend training every week, so they can achieve their goals and stay fit long-term. This approach is at the heart of our growing community.

Our Team

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At FFS we strive to help people become the strongest version of themselves - and this philosophy doesn’t just apply to our members. Each of our coaches also receives constant guidance and assistance to develop their skills.


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