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FFS Nutrition Coaching

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Progress Not Perfection

Online nutrition coaching for long-term change

Wherever you are in the world, our online nutrition coaching offers guidance and support. Our knowledgeable and committed coaches are here to help you reach your goals and become healthier for good.
At FFS, our coaches want to help you create long term change. That’s why they’ll work with you for 16 weeks to help you develop better nutritional habits. Our coaches don’t follow fads, we work with you to develop a way of eating that you enjoy, can sustain and is effective for you.
Through our online coaching, you’ll learn everything we know about nutrition and health, empowering you to change behaviour.
We will work with you to set out a 16 week plan of habit based coaching based on your goals and what you need to work on.

Then to help you action this plan you will receive:

  • Twice-Weekly online check in from your coach
  • Bi-Monthly 20 minute video call with your coach

We do not provide a meal plan - We believe in habit based nutrition coaching, where-by, we enable you with the tools and knowledge to build sustainable habits and get the results you want.

We do not provide medicinal/ nutritional therapy services - We are not medical professionals capable of prescribing medicines for specific conditions.


This service is €50 per month for four months.

Nutrition Coaching with FFS Gyms

Our Head of Nutrition, Ciaran Ruddock walks you through our Nutrition Coaching and explains how it can work for you.

What we need from you

We need you to commit to 16 weeks of nutrition coaching -  Based on our experience trying to change everything at once is not sustainable. Making real progress takes time, so it is important that you give us enough time to help you make sustainable nutritional changes.

We need you to engage in the coaching process daily - This will consist of daily practice check ins (1 min), bi-weekly resource engagement (1 hour roughly), bi-weekly measurement check ins (15 mins) and bi-monthly video call with your coach (20 mins).

Powered by Precision Nutrition

At FFS, we use Precision Nutrition to provide our clients with expert coaching and ongoing support. Our team will guide you through the process and help you remain strong when you come across a barrier to your goals.

Meet The Coaches

Ciaran Ruddock


I have been coaching nutrition online for over 5 years and have helped hundreds of people improve the way they eat and in turn get more out of their lives. 

I do not believe in secrets or quick fixes. I work with people to help them develop a way of eating that they enjoy, can sustain and is effective for them. 


  • Msc in Applied Sports Science  
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2 
  • Mental mastery certified coach
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How FFS Nutrition Coaching Helped Me

What Ciaran’s Clients Say

“Ciaran is an excellent coach. He understands the challenges that everyday life throws at you and is always encouraging. For anyone looking to make sustainable improvements with their nutrition, I could not recommend working with Ciaran more.”

See What The Program Looks Like

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If you want to see how the program works here are videos showing five of the key features: 

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