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Online Classes

Try 2 Zoom/Outdoor Classes for €15
Train at the Home of Hard Work in your Home

Online Fitness Classes

Get the FFS experience from the comfort and safety of your own home. Our online classes are delivered through Zoom so your trainer can give you real-time feedback.

As with all FFS classes, these sessions will be progressively overloaded throughout the month. 

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Online Class Schedule

  • Choose from up to 10 classes per day
  • 6am-8.30am / 5pm-8pm
  • Monday to Saturday 
  • Small Group Coaching 
  • Choose from 3 class types
    • Relative Strength
    • Work Capacity
    • Movement and Mobility 
Check out the right plan for you
30 Days - €80  Get 30 Days Zoom for €120
14 Days - €50  Get 2 weeks Zoom for €60
2 Classes - €15 Try 2 Zoom/Outdoor Classes for €15

Relative Strength Class

Get stronger and build muscle using your bodyweight as resistance. We will focus on the fundamental movement patterns that we use in our Strength & Conditioning, Suspension and Bodyweight classes to provide a challenging whole body workout.

Get 2 weeks Zoom for €60

Work Capacity Class

Develop your muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. This combination of adaptations will improve your work capacity, simply meaning that you will be able to do more work in a given time. We will use fundamental movement patterns and bodyweight cardiovascular exercises to give you a whole body conditioning session.

Movement & Mobility Class

Use dynamic mobility, Animal Flow and bodyweight exercises to help you move better improve coordination. Now before you get lulled into a false sense of security, this will be a challenging whole body workout.


Try our Online Classes

Try out the Online Gym with two classes for €15

Try 2 Zoom/Outdoor Classes for €15

Try our At-Home Workouts

Lower Lactic Acid Attack with Coach Conor
Movement & Mobility with Coach Ciaran
Upper & Core Workout with Coach Daragh
Total Body Workout with Coach Aoife