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Golf Training at FFS

Building stronger golfers

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Want to become a stronger golfer?

Are you a golfer? Recreational or competitive, it doesn't matter!

Do you want to hit the ball farther and more powerful on the course? Moving better and becoming stronger are the first steps to helping you achieve this. 

Do you want to be able to train when it suits your schedule? Then online training, through state of the art technology, while still having a real coach to guide and help you when needed is exactly what you are looking for. 

Did you say yes to all of the above? Let's get you started on our individualized 8-week golf strength training program right now!

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Want to improve your Game?

FFS Golf Coach, Cathal Cosgrove, walks you through a few golf warm ups in this video.

FFS Golf Strength Program

What’s involved?

  • This program is run by our TPI Level 1 Strength and Conditioning coach Cathal Cosgrove.
  • Initial video consultation with Cathal, where you will talk through goals, injury history, gym/equipment availability, and an assessment of current mobility and strength levels.
  • Cathal then will put together your personalized 8-week program.
  • Run through an online training platform with video demos and notes from the coach.
  • Weekly check ins via WhatsApp to see your progress and you can also send videos for technical feedback.


Upon completion of your 8-week program, you should have a stronger, more mobile body for golf so you can hit BOMBS off the tee. 


Personalised Program

8-Week Online Training

Weekly Support
Become a stronger golfer this year, sign up and get working with our TPI-certified coach. 
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