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Golf Training at FFS

Building stronger golfers

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Why strength training for Golf?

FFS focuses on offering top-class training and expert coaching to all its clients. For golfers, we offer a golf-specific strength programme which helps players of every level improve their game.

Golf requires a lot of technical skill. But for many golfers trying to progress their technique, physical constraints - like limited mobility - impact their development.

Even the best golfers have some physical limitations that hinder their game. But often they can be addressed through tailored training programmes, which can improve performance on the green.

At FFS our goal is simple - To build stronger golfers. Our golf programme is ideal for: 

  • Those who don’t have the mobility to get into certain positions efficiently
  • Those who struggle to find the strength to swing a golf club powerfully
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Watch our Golf Training

Last year, our TPI certified coach Cathal Cosgrove ran the FFS golf programme at Carton House for the men’s junior cup team. Watch the video for an insight into one of our training sessions.

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What to expect from our Golf Programme

Our small group training programme is TPI approved. Each client will be screened by one of our TPI certified coaches, who will identify the key areas that are holding back your game.

Then your coach will put together an 8 week strength programme designed for you. This will make you more powerful and, most importantly, a better golfer.

Training is delivered in a small group setting, with a maximum of four people. Our coaches deliver two 45 minute sessions each week. Expect to learn exercises to improve your movement patterns, your strength and your mobility.

Participants benefit from the expert knowledge and personalised guidance of a FFS coach. While training alongside like minded golfers also provides a fun and motivational environment.

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