January 30, 2018

Episode 007: Rob Lipsett, Siobhan O'Hagan, Steffan Fusco Panel Discussion

On this episode Rory and Rudds run with something a little different. We have the full audio clip form the panel discussion that Rory moderated in January at Fresh Resolutions in the RDS Concert Hall. It is jammed full of awesome takeaways. 

The guys then discuss the big takeaways for them.

The lads also share some positive news on two big wins for them on the Rugby front and...

January 16, 2018

Episode 006: Fat Loss, The Big Picture - Experience Is The Best Teacher

On this episode Rory and Rudds discuss the big picture of fat loss and how it is not just down to the foods you put in your body. Yes, we said it, calories are king but you are probably missing a few other pieces of the puzzle first!

The main points the guys want people to become more aware of are:

1- Sleep

2- Positive Self Talk and the anxiety associated with body composition tr...

December 20, 2017

Episode 005: Christmas Bonus

On this episode Rory and Rudds talk about the most common queries they get as coaches around the Christmas Period:

  • Social occasions

  • Drinks

  • Over eating

  • Mindless eating

  • Home Work Outs

The guys talk about the importance of enjoying yourself and what is important to them about the Christmas period.

Rudds & Rory also share some of their personal goals for 2018 and want to hear yours? Send them to pod...

December 19, 2017

Episode 004: FFS Transformation Contest Winners

On this episode Rory and Rudds were joined by the male and female winners of the inaugural FFS Transformation Contest,  Stephen Bradshaw and Sarah Warren. The episode is packed full of inspiration for anyone on a health and fitness journey by providing real world examples of how to get it done!

Some of the guys highlights include

  • Brad’s stats: lost an amazing 19 pounds and hit personal bests on his...

December 9, 2017

Rhys Ruddock is an Irish International and Leinster rugby player. He is also a man pursuing a degree in Strength and Condition… Did someone say get that guy on the For Fit Sake Podcast! Yes actually, and we have!

Rhys has obtained the experiences / skills that allow him to compete at international level but also the expertise as a coach to help relate these experiences to you, the listener, and your health and fitness journey.

On the episode, we di...

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