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Pregnancy & Postnatal training at FFS Gyms

Dedicated Studio on Leeson St, Dublin 2
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Pregnancy and Postnatal Small Group Training

What are the benefits?

Small Group Training for both Pregnancy and Postpartum means training with other Mums or Mums-to-be while being 100% confident that you’re moving safely and effectively with a Specialist Pregnancy and Postnatal Coach.

  • 2 x 45mins weekly
  • All classes are suitable for both pregnancy and postnatal
  • Individual feedback and coaching throughout every class
  • Maintain strength and fitness during pregnancy and return to exercise safely postpartum
  • 20 minute 1-to-1 with your coach before beginning
  • Exercises adjusted to accommodate injuries
  • Suitable for all levels


  • Comprehensive Pregnancy Training Guide
  • Full review of your training experience, injuries and and any other relevant history before beginning
  • Focus on effective breathing to help prepare for labour and optimise postpartum recovery
  • Available in our dedicated Pregnancy & Postnatal Studio


  • Comprehensive Postnatal Training Guide PDF
  • Review of your pregnancy and postpartum journey to ensure safe and effective training
  • Focus on effective breathing to help optimise postpartum recovery
  • Gradual progression at a pace that suits you
  • Available in our dedicated Pregnancy & Postnatal Studio*
    *Space for babies provided they are in buggy  / car seat
  • Excellent preparation for starting or returning to running


Pregnancy & Postnatal Training


Studio Monthly Membership gives you access to all studio classes.

  • 2 x 45mins classes each week
  • €175

Pre & Post New Member Induction: (this is a 20 min 1-to-1 with your coach) before beginning to help you get maximum benefit from Small Group Training from Day 1. This is done in person and must be completed before purchasing a Monthly membership


Get your Monthly Membership Now

Step 1

Download the FFS app here and create a profile to get access or click here to create a profile on desktop and get started.

Step 2

Purchase your monthly membership in App by selecting Leeson Street as location and clicking 'buy', then Autopay. Your first payment will be pre & post New Member Induction session + first month membership fee.

Step 3

Book your Pre & Post New Member Induction session in App: go to 'book' section and select Pre and Postnatal at the top of your screen

Step 4

Check your email following purchase of Pre & Post New Member Induction to complete your Pre / Postnatal screening form.

Step 5

Monthly Membership can be purchased and used immediately following completion of Pre & Post New Member Induction. Simply return to your FFS App, click  ‘buy’ at the bottom of the screen and then the 'autopay' option to select the Studio Monthly Membership.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Training

Pregnancy & Postnatal 1:1 Personal Training

1-to-1 Personal Training is also available with a Specialist Pregnancy and Postnatal Coach, contact us for more information.

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"I absolutely loved Small Group Training. Exercise during my pregnancy was so important for my body and the classes were always tailored to suit any issue I may have had."

- Claire, Portobello

"I couldn't recommend postnatal training highly enough. It is fun and enjoyable but Aoife also listens to how you're feeling - she pushes you when you need to be pushed but if you're low on energy or injured etc. she tailors the programme around that which is essential for new mums."

- Anna, Ballsbridge

FFS Gyms Members

You can continue to take part in FFS classes throughout your pregnancy provided you have been attending classes regularly for at least three months pre-pregnancy. You will have a 1-to-1 with a Pregnancy and Postnatal Specialist Coach, to review how your training can be optimised for pregnancy. Our class coaches will then ensure you have safe and effective alternative exercises provided in class.If you are pregnant and you are a current FFS Gyms member, please fill in this form and we’ll be in touch.

Pregnancy Resources

Pregnancy Training Video Guide Series

Follow along with FFS Pre and Post Natal Specialist Coach, Aoife MacNeill in our training videos that cover your entire pregnancy, stage by stage.

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Exercise during Pregnancy PDF

Download our free pregnancy training eBook.

Download Here

Postnatal Resources

Postnatal Running eBook

Get your postnatal return to running eBook here.

Download Here


Blog: Your First Few Months Back

Read our blog discussing what the first few months back training might look like.

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FFSebook2-pregnancy training guide
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