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FFS Pregnancy Training Guides

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Pregnancy Training Guide Weeks 1 - 4

Training during the first month of pregnancy

What are the first signs of pregnancy?

One of the first signs is often breast tenderness day-to-day but especially in the gym or when exercising in general. Make sure you’ve got a sufficiently supportive bra and adjust any particular movements that don’t feel comfortable.

Hydration & Nutrition

Stay hydrated throughout the day. 2 to 2.5 litres per day is a good guide, and prioritise nutrient-dense food - this means eating as many colourful, whole foods as possible, getting in protein, carbs and fats every day. Fibre is also really important.

Is exercise is safe and recommended during pregnancy?

For most pregnancies without complications, exercise is not only safe, it’s recommended by the HSE for your health and the health of the baby (see also the UK, US and Canadian guidelines). 150 mins is the minimum weekly recommendation. This is the same minimum for healthy adults but during pregnancy, it's about doing a suitable intensity and suitable types of exercise.

What type of training should I do during my first month of pregnancy?

Specifically, it’s recommended that we include both aerobic training, such as a HIIT class or swimming, where our heart rate is continually elevated as well as resistance training twice a week. If you normally run, then it’s usually recommended to keep it up for as long as you feel comfortable.

If you’re not at 150mins already, gradually work up to it and if you are getting about 150mins a week, then continue with your usual exercise without increasing the amount or intensity provided you’re not at risk of impact or injury, and make sure to discuss it with your GP at your first appointment.

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