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FFS Pregnancy Training Guides

Tips for you This Week

Pregnancy Training Guide Wks 13 - 16

Training during weeks 13 - 16 of pregnancy

Core Exercises during pregnancy

If you’re in the gym, exercises like bird dog, pallof press and side planks are great core exercises.

Remember, every exercise is a core exercise when done well so always focus on form and take full breaths.

You can practise this by putting your fingertips on your ribs.

Whatever exercise you’re doing, make sure to maintain a steady breath. Exercises like a wall sit or side plank can leave us susceptible to holding our breath as there isn’t an obvious inhale and exhale. So just make sure you do keep breathing on every exercise.

Lying on your front and on your back during pregnancy training

Now is also a good time to stay away from exercises where you’re lying on your front. You might already be doing this for comfort but it’s good to plan ahead and make sure you have alternative exercises ready.

If you are doing any exercises lying on your back make sure to carefully sit up and swap in something else if you experience any nausea, dizziness or discomfort. For some pregnancies, generally at later stages, lying on your back (known as lying supine) can affect the return of blood flow to the heart so it’s important to make an informed decision for yourself regarding exercise choice.

Pregnancy Classes

If you’re thinking about doing a class which is specific to pregnancy, speak with the teacher or coach in advance and make sure they are suitably qualified. If you’re continuing in a class,ideally let your coach or class teacher know that you’re pregnant if you haven’t already and at a minimum make sure your healthcare provider is happy for you to do that type of exercise.


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