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FFS Pregnancy Training Guides

Tips for you This Week

Pregnancy Training Guide Wks 17 - 20

Training during weeks 17 - 20 of pregnancy


If you are walking lots, be mindful to keep the frequency, and distance covered, consistent over time or increase it very gradually. Clients who experience pelvic girdle pain often become aware of it after walking for longer than usual, so if you do feel any pelvic pain be sure to see a specialist physiotherapist or chiropractor and let your class coach or teacher know. The general recommendation is to avoid any movements which cause discomfort and move carefully when getting in and out of the car and in and out of bed and these movements typically bring on the pain.

Modifications for Discomfort

With pelvic pain or any other discomfort during pregnancy, you might find you need to avoid some exercises in the gym that don’t feel comfortable. Keep in mind that just because something doesn’t feel good now, doesn’t mean it won’t feel okay again at a later stage. That doesn’t mean you need to check every week but stay open to the possibility that if lunges for example aren’t good now, they might be fine further down the road.

Upper Body Strength

Upper body strength will help you to manage low back pain and also helps with shoulder health for lots of baby carrying and feeding coming your way. Upper body pushing exercises such as elevated push ups and overhead press are great during pregnancy, exercises like TRX row and single arm row are great pulling exercises, and focused shoulder strength work is really important too.

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