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FFS Pregnancy Training Guides

Tips for you This Week

Pregnancy Training Guide Wks 25 - 28

Training during weeks 25 - 28 of pregnancy

Sleep during pregnancy

Recovery is so important for exercise and wanting to exercise in the first place. If your sleep has been thrown - and that might be finding it difficult to get to sleep or waking at 4 or 5 in the morning and not getting back to sleep - do the amount of exercise that feels achievable and remember that walking instead of doing a class is a very very good thing if that’s the type and intensity that works for you on that day. 

Adjustments like reading instead of screen time before bed, not eating late and making sure you get time outside in natural light, even on a cloudy day, call all help to regulate your circadian rhythm which will help you get sleep better.  

Hip strength during pregnancy

Strength in your hips is really useful for labour. But it’s equally important that those muscles, primarily your glutes, aren’t too tight. So exercises that use your glutes and hamstrings are great (like kettlebell swings) and don’t forget that rolling and stretching are also important.

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