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Pregnancy Training Guide Weeks 9 - 12

Training during the third month of pregnancy

Nausea during weeks 9 - 12 of your pregnancy

If you are in the depths of nausea and all you can face is beige food then eat what can and aim for a short walk every day. If that becomes a longer walk, great. And if it doesn’t, that’s okay. Your body is under huge demands at the moment and working hard to grow a healthy baby. So go easy on yourself and remember that even a small amount of exercise is worthwhile.

Eating regularly often helps to ease the nausea. If you can, have some protein soon after the crackers, bread or whatever you find easiest to eat. That protein might be some cheese, yogurt or chicken - any protein source that you can have a small amount of during that time of reduced nausea.

Nutrition during pregnancy

If your appetite hasn’t been too affected or maybe not impacted at all, aim for meals and snacks which are nutrient-dense. This means you’ve got different types of food together and it doesn’t have to be a perfectly colourful Instagram-friendly plate of food. It just means adding vegetables, fruit, protein - anything nutritional - to your plate where possible.


If you feel good for more than just walking, remember to do the type of exercise your body is used to or work with a pregnancy qualified coach to get familiar with something new, provided your GP or consultant has given you the all clear to do so.

Thinking of it as exercise for your health and the health of the baby, rather than training for performance, is very beneficial. This change in mindset can make all the difference in your enjoyment of it for the rest of your pregnancy. 

Remember, always focus on form first and make sure you can hold a conversation at all times, so you’re slightly out of breath but not to the point where you can’t speak.

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