Beginning a family is a time when we want to be at our best in all aspects of life

and we are excited and proud to be part of yours.

Training during pregnancy has been shown to improve the health of mother and baby, and several members and clients have said that training was invaluable during birth and in recovery.


All our classes can be scaled for experience and ability and this scaling extends to pregnancy. We do this by providing suitable alternative exercises where necessary and work with members to ensure that the intensity at which they exercise in each class is suited to their stage in pregnancy and energy levels on the day.

See our FFS Guide to Exercise during Pregnancy here


If you are an FFS member doing classes it's important that we know about your pregnancy to ensure your safety. Contact Aoife if you are based in Leeson St or Sinead if you are based in Ivy Exchange.


You will then have a 1:1 session with Aoife/Sinead covering:

  • An overall review of exercise during pregnancy

  • Any individual requirements specific to your pregnancy

  • Exactly what will change for you in FFS classes

  • How you can adjust exercises in class to optimise recovery postpartum

It's essential that coaches are aware of any pregnancies in class but res assured that your privacy and discretion are paramount. For your safety, you must confirm that you have sign off from your health care provider to continue exercising. This will be fully explained by Aoife or Sinead when you make contact.


Our Small Group Training is open to both FFS members and non-members.

The class includes general strength work which is safe during pregnancy, a focus on pelvic floor, core, hips and upper back as well as aerobic work primarily following a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) format at a suitable intensity.

This Small Group Training is best suited to you if:

(a) You are in or coming into your second or third trimester where you are not comfortable or able to train at your usual intensity and want to maintain a level of strength and fitness as well as gaining the other benefits listed on the FFS Guide to Exercise During Pregnancy.

(b) You haven't been active in the past but want to steadily build up your exercise capacity to benefit from strength and aerobic training during pregnancy. If you are currently pregnant, this should be done as early as possible.

Small Group Training for Pregnancy runs in 6 week blocks in both our locations: Leeson St - Dublin 2 (with Aoife) and Ivy Exchange - Dublin 1 (with Sinead). Both coaches are fully qualified in Modern Pregnancy Exercise & Wellness Level 1. Contact Aoife or Sinead for more information on the class schedule, pricing and dates for the next 6 week block.


Returning to Exercise after Pregnancy

Returning to exercise after pregnancy is, like everything pregnancy related, completely individual. If you are returning to classes as a member you will have an initial consultation with Aoife (Leeson St) or Sinead (Ivy Exchange). We take this time to review your pregnancy, birth and your weeks postpartum to date all in the context of returning to exercise and what you would like that exercise or training to be over the following months. Contact Aoife or Sinead by email when you have sign off from your healthcare provider to return to exercise and feel ready to reintroduce gym-based work.

Postpartum Small Group Training

Whether you have a vaginal birth or C-section, your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles will have been under additional strain throughout pregnancy. The physical demands of pregnancy also affect breathing patterns and pregnancy as well as time spent nursing both affect posture in general. In Postpartum Small Group Training we focus on steady and safe return to exercise taking all of the above into consideration.


Postpartum Small Group Training runs in 6 week blocks in Leeson St (with Aoife) and is due to begin in November 2019 in Ivy Exchange (with Sinead). Aoife is fully qualified in Modern Post Natal Exercise & Wellness Level 1. Sinead will complete her qualification in November. Contact Aoife or Sinead for more information on the class schedule, pricing and date for the next 6 week block.


If you are currently pregnant or recently gave birth and would prefer to work 1:1 with a Personal Trainer, contact Aoife or Sinead more more information.


For more information around exercise during pregnancy and exercise postpartum see our recent blog post here.