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Rory McInerney

Managing Director
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A Little Bit About Rory

Rory graduated from UCD with a degree in Health and Performance Science in 2011. Having worked as a strength and conditioning coach in Ireland and abroad he embarked on a new journey in 2013 when he founded Fitter Faster Stronger (FFS) Gym with his college class mate Ciaran Ruddock.

Rory has amassed 10,000+ hours in S&C coaching as well as personal training. He regularly delivers corporate talks to companies of all sizes from blue chips to SMEs across Ireland and internationally.

As FFS has evolved, so too has Rory’s role within the business. He now primarily focuses on the development of the business and it’s people. Rory however is reluctant to ever give up coaching as it is still his primary passion. Rory takes classes at FFS and works with a small group pf PT clients who he has trained over the past 3-5 years.


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What Rory's Clients Say About Him...

Joanna B. PT Client

For Rory, helping people perform, function and develop their potential to its fullest is what his heart beats for. You hear the term Personal Trainer a lot these days but there is a massive difference between a PT and a Coach that looks not only to develop your physical fitness and aesthetic but someone who truly buys into optimising every facet of you.

I have been training with Rory a few years now and we have, for sure, achieved incredible results in that time, no doubt the strongest, fittest and leanest I have ever been among them. Rory’s approach not only to how we train but how we eat, sleep, think … turn up, get the job done, the attention to recovery, working with what we’ve got today and his genuine interest in you and your personal happiness is what makes him stand apart.

Rory is excellent at seeing potential in you far beyond the limits you have set for yourself and his commitment to get you there is what builds confidence and develops a trust that knows no limits.

With Rory you give each session everything you’ve got because you know that’s exactly what he does for you.