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Sinead Brophy

Pregnancy and Postnatal Personal Trainer
Female Performance Coach
Nutrition Coach
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A Little Bit About Sinead

My mission is to help women work with their bodies, not against them.

I'm particularly interested in the female athlete; how the menstrual cycle impacts training and nutrition, how to fuel correctly for optimal health and performance, and how to adapt training during pregnancy and for the postpartum return to exercise.

I'm the founder of Go With The Flow - Work With Your Body, which has partnered up with FFS Gyms to offer Female Specific Training & Nutrition Consultations.

As a training and nutrition coach, my passion is in educating women about understanding their bodies and harnessing the power of their hormones to get the most out of their training.

Go With The Flow
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What Sinead's Clients Say About Her...

Kat Dane Irish Rugby Player
Sinead’s female athlete coaching has been a revelation for me. For the first time ever, I am smashing my S&C work and it has made all the difference in my International rugby career. I have a newfound energy thanks to Sinead’s meticulous coaching- she leaves no stone unturned! I recommend her to every female athlete, it will change your game!
Fionnuala Judge PT Client
From the minute I joined FFS I felt very comfortable and I can definitely put that down to Sinead's coaching style and general positive attitude. The sessions are tough and effective, but fun and I never have that 'dreading the gym' feeling.
Beth Maguire Pregnancy Training
I started with Sinead when I was 9-10 weeks pregnant and I've been training with her throughout my pregnancy. I love her sessions; they are so well prepared and she keeps me challenged in a safe way by making it varied, fun, and checking in with me throughout. She is so passionate and knowledgeable and has exceeded my expectations by helping me prepare my body for the future.