All or nothing…. usually gets you nothing

August 17, 2016


“I can’t wait to get started…..I’m just waiting for the right time”


Are you the kind of person that says “I’m an all or nothing kinda girl/guy” or “I go 100% or nothing at all”


Does this sound like you? If you are honest the majority of your time is probably spent in the latter.


Waiting for the perfect set of scenarios, the perfect time to begin a new training routine, the new kitchen to make a departure in your eating habits or the new job to begin engaging in healthier habits is time wasted and time passing you by.


The right time will never happen!.... it’s like sitting around waiting to win the lottery as opposed to going out and making your own way.


“When I start my new role….then I’ll get stuck in”

“I don’t have the right equipment in my house to train and it’s the only time I have to train”

“Once I’m finished this project and my boss is off my back...I’ll start doubling up on my training”

“I’ll wait till the end of summer when the weather is crap, then I’ll start going to the gym”

“My apartment kitchen is crap, when I move out I’ll start eating healthier”

“I have a small niggle in my wrist, I’ll wait till that's fully healed and then I’ll get back into it”


The above statements are real ones I’ve heard and represent justifications, distractions and half truths that can provide excuses for yourself and inevitable hold you back from realising your potential.The right time will never really happen and even if it does it will represent 1% and the other 99% will represent your actual real life and the time you’ve let slip by without engaging or changing.


I’ve made all these mistakes myself over the years. Eating takeaways late at night because I’m stuck in the office all hours, as opposed to taking 5 mins to prepare snacks or food when I knew I’d get stuck doing over-time. Letting my training slack or lapse when injured (severe and minor) because I couldn't do things I normally do, as opposed to using it as a chance to work on my weaknesses. Blaming projects, exams, management deadlines for diluting a healthy lifestyle. Letting my training slip using the excuse of lack of access to weights in hotel gyms while travelling as opposed to being creative and using whatever was at my disposal.


The big thing to takeaway from this is…...not to be so hard on yourself.


  • Trying to engaging in some light exercises for 20 mins a couple of times a week as opposed to trying and failing a 5 day routine that requires near maximal efforts.

  • Making a healthy lunch for tomorrow as opposed to scolding yourself for having a biscuit with your tea.


Eventually these little habits will build and grow and become many good habits.


  • If you have a small injury trying to work around it, keeping things going as best as you can, not using it as an excuse to throw in the towel.

  • Being slightly creative about your training and seeing opportunities to try new things as opposed to setting roadblocks that stop you from getting going.




 Making a little effort to train when there is no equipment or gym access as opposed to letting it slide



Now is the time, the best time, the perfect time, the right time. Right now!  Engaging in small little changes, encouraging yourself when you are doing well and examining where you are going wrong as opposed to feeling guilty and packing it in because it’s not 100% of what you are capable of. You will be shocked how in a relatively short period of time how much better you will feel, look and perform in your everyday life. The rewards you reap from this will inevitably spur you on to do more and more.


Lost time is never found again and your time is now!


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