I want to be that person!

March 19, 2017

We all have people who we look up to. Think about them, an idol, a motivation, a peer. Someone that you want to be as fit and organised and successful as; That person.


That person who seems to have everything figured out.


That person is the one who is super lean, crazy fit and isn’t stressed because everything is going perfectly for them.


That person has a great job and still has time to take their kids to school and all of their 15 different after school activities (all of which they excel at) and still makes it to the gym to lift all of the weights and stay in such outrageously good shape.


Those people are everywhere nowadays, log onto Instagram or turn on any action movie or a RomCom and you’ll see them. These ridiculous superheroes of people, with unbelievable bodies and fantastic hair and faces that’ll make you swoon.


Walk into the gym and you might see them too, that guy who’s doing 20 chin ups with Rudds dangling off his legs without breaking a sweat, or the girl who just did 100 burpees and isn’t even out of breath, we all want to be like them.


This is the kind of person we all strive to be, “I want to be that person” is something that you may have said to yourself at some point along your fitness journey. It might be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Zac Efron or anyone from that Baywatch movie that’s coming out soon. (If you haven’t seen the trailer, you should give it a look, there’s some very good looking people in it!!).


You might look up to these people and think “they’re so much leaner, better looking and fitter than I am” …. Don’t!


These aren’t real people with real pressures of jobs and family. They don’t abide by the same rules that you and I do, they have personal trainers weighing and measuring every gram of food that goes into their bodies and making them workout for 7 hours per day. They aren’t like everyone else.


It’s important that you face reality before trying to become “that person”, it may seem like everyone else is losing weight and gaining muscle and getting fitter much faster and easier than you. Everyone isn’t doing better than you. No one can escape the reality of family and deadlines and the laws of metabolism.


There’s a lot of together people out there to look up to. There are even more people with their lives less together looking up to you. Hey, you’ve made it this far right? Chances are you’re a member of the gym and your fitness journey is already underway. The hardest part is starting!


We are all imperfect, wonderful, messy, very-much-human beings with hopes and fears and desires and neuroses and jobs and lives and kids and dogs or cats and family demands and toilets that need unclogging and lines-becoming-wrinkles and hangnails and alarms that go off too early and a love of chocolate-chip cookies… and all the rest of reality.


It’s important to be honest about your reality. You’re a busy person with things to do, we all are.


I’m not here to tell you that you’re going to look like the Rock or Zac Efron or anyone from that Baywatch movie (seriously go watch the trailer), but you can definitely look like a better version of you, you can definitely get closer to being that person than you currently are. And it’s not even hard to get started!



Here’s some steps that you can take to help you along the way:


Be Realistic


Let’s be honest, getting into slightly better shape, or even a healthier routine does take much effort. That might be the most realistic option for a lot of us right now, to just do a little better.


Getting into ridiculous shape takes a massive amount of work and sacrifice, a level that most of us are unable to do. It probably isn’t worth it for a lot of us, and frankly- its pretty miserable too!


Not to say that getting into shape isn’t worth it. And getting into good, or even reasonably good, shape isn’t too complicated. All you need are small consistent changes here and there. Walking the dog after dinner, perhaps a couple weekly lifting sessions at the gym, and including an apple in your lunch is a good start. It’s the little things added up that make the difference.


Getting into very good shape is trickier, but can be done if you’re committed. You might need to focus more on food quality and portion sizes, working out a bit more, and being more careful with your treats.


Find New Inspiration


Forget about the magazine covers, forget about becoming that celebrity. Just focus on becoming a little bit better and you’ll be amazed at how well your progress picks up. Small moments of health, fitness and wellness add up to something that works. Success is built by putting small things on top of small things.


Be OK with being “not OK”


Life is never going to be OK 100% of the time. We all have stresses and responsibilities and pressures. The trick is to learn to be OK with that stress, work on doing the little things right in those times of stress and it will all work out!


Apply fitness minimalism. Focus on the important things that you can control. Can you move more every day? Small things like taking the stairs instead of the lift, cycling to work. Can you make time for an extra gym sessions or a 5km run on a Sunday? How about an extra fist sized serving of vegetables with each meal?


These are small things but when you add up a few small improvements you will see big results. The beauty of this approach it is far easier to make small changes when you are busy then making huge changes.


Find your work-arounds


Life isn’t perfect and nor will it ever be. We all have things that make it difficult for us to do the “perfect workout”. This could be a shoulder injury that you have from playing a sport when you were younger. No big deal, find a regression or an alternate exercise that allows you to train that movement or muscle group.


We all have things that make it difficult to cook “the perfect meal”. You might be ready to cook that delicious and healthy beef stir-fry you seen online, you have all your vegetables chopped and prepared, wait, there is one problem, you forgot to pick up the steak in the shops.  Oh well, see if you have some frozen prawns in the freezer and have a prawn stir-fry.


The lesson here is don’t let a difficult situation stop you. These little difficulties are just work arounds and we all have them. Just focus on what you can do, do it the best of your ability and forget everything else. If you can’t do an exercise or make a healthy dish, don’t let it be a reason to do nothing.


Devise a system for making the hard tasks easier.


Don’t like meal prepping/cooking alone? Grab a friend for an afternoon of cooking and hanging out.


Too busy to cook/go to the gym/ do your mobility homework? Having trouble “finding time” for things? Get out a calendar and start planning. Book appointments with yourself. Track your time so you spot inefficiencies. Set alarms and reminders, stick Post-it notes, do whatever it takes.

Find what works for you and just stick to it! Not making it a priority if what we refer to as Deadly sin number 5


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Accept the Struggle


It’s not going anywhere. Grappling with pain — whether that’s actual pain and suffering, or just small daily annoyances — is part of being human.


You want to know what your biggest problem is? I'll tell you. You think you 
shouldn't have them. - Tony Robbins


As adults, we recognize life’s complexity and richness. Wanting to “be perfect” or “have it all” is not an adult wish. It’s a child wish: to have all the toys, all the time, even your sister’s.

Everyone has a struggle, even “that person”. You might just not see it.



No matter how someone looks, you don’t know what it’s taken to get them where they are today. We’re all out here in the field together. Trying our best under imperfect circumstances.

Accepting imperfection is your ticket to being your version of “that person”.










Just start acting like That Person


Adopt their confidence. Assume you’re capable of the things they are. Strut a little when you walk. Cruise hiking boot websites and dream of mountains. Whisper to yourself that you, and not cruel fate, are the boss of your life.


Would That Person do an extra rep or an extra 100 meters or lift 2.5kg more? How would That person kick the world in the ass today? And how can you at least start to pretend to do the same… until you practice so much, you forget that kicking the world in the ass wasn’t your natural habit?


No, you can’t lose 40 pounds or get ripped overnight. But if you just take on a few of “that person’s” habits, one at a time and little by little, you may eventually find yourself living a much more fabulous life in a much stronger, happier, healthier body.


Wrapping it up


If you take anything away from reading this I want you to realize that we are all different and as a result you should not compare yourself to “that person”.  Instead I want you to focus on doing better than you did yesterday. Look for inspiration from people who are little further down the road than you. For example, I see that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is getting up at 4am to work out before he goes to film the new Baywatch movie (you might have guessed I am really looking forward to this).


Focus on progress, not perfection and work around anything that may have previously stopped you from looking, feeling or performing better!



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Rory Lynch is an interning strength and conditioning coach at Fitter Faster Stronger Gyms. Originally from Austrailia, Rory is an avid Sailor, who is in the final stages of completing his BSc. in Strength and Conditioning at IT Carlow. If you would like to follow Rory on social media, you check out his profile on Instagram.


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