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March 21, 2017


For a long time now, people have wondered exactly how Fitter Faster Stronger gets such good—and sustainable—results with clients. Today I will provide you with a small insight into what it takes to get those desired results. 


Have you ever seen someone change his or her life? Dramatic weight loss, muscle gain, or any other impressive transformation can seem like magic.

But there’s a science to it.

At Fitter Faster Stronger, we’re pros at the process of skill development. This is our no-longer-secret formula to helping people attain their goals, and sustain those results.

Here’s how we help people eat, move, and live better.


Want to lose weight, build muscle or achieve any other goal?


Follow these two steps?

  1. Break your goal down into specific skills.

  2. Break those skills down into daily practices.


Example goal: Eat better consistently so I can lose weight.


(image credited to precision nutrition)

Each practice should meet the following criteria: The Five ‘S’ formula!




(image credited to precision nutrition)



Support and accountability are essential ingredients! To have a support group of peers can improve your training environment, to achieve any challenging goal, everyone needs help from time to time. Below are some key elements:




(All images credited to precision nutrition)



We at Fitter Faster Stronger are delighted to be teaming up with the worlds leading online nutrition and eduction company, Precision Nutrition. 

Precision Nutrition  have helped more than 200,000 to eat, move and live better. Pro Coach has been tested with more than 70,000 clients world-wide. Pro Coach delivers world-class, proven nutrition coaching. 


Using Pro Coach we will be able to deliver an online 12 month habit based nutrition coaching program, complete with daily lessons, practices / habits, check ins and more. You will get your own personalized dashboard that will help you track your progress, teach you how and what to eat, while keeping you accountable. 


One of our Precision Nutrition certified coaches will guide you through the 12 month process. You will learn to eat in manner that is sustainable and will help you to achieve your goals. Whether that be:


  • Weight loss

  • Muscle gain 

  • Performance goals 

We all need help when we get stuck, Life happens. Sometimes we need extra help from someone who’s ‘been there, and done that’.


That’s where FFS pro coach play’s it’s part. The best coaches can help you see past all those ‘obstacles’ along the way. The combination of training with your diet, work life balance and not least your fitness and strength training. We believe we have the right systems in place at Fitter Faster Stronger to help you achieve your goals!


Want us to help keep you accountable and consistent?




If you’d like some help staying consistent with your exercise and nutrition, we’d be happy to help. In fact, we’ll soon be taking new FFS Nutrition Coaching clients on board.

You see, we accept new clients every 1-3 months, and coaching spots typically sell out in hours. However, those motivated enough to put themselves on the presale list get to register 24 hours before everyone else. Plus, they receive a big discount at registration.

So put your name on the list below—because, as always, spots are first come, first served, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.


Get on the FFS Nutrition Coaching presale list today


If you're interested in FFS Nutrition Coaching, we strongly recommend you put your name on the presale list. We'll send you more about the program and give you the chance to speak to one of our expert coaches should you need more information.  


Many thanks for reading guys and girls. If you have any nutrition, training or lifestyle questions please mail them to info@ffs.ie and we would love to help in any way we can.





Mike is a Certified Personal Trainer and Head of Operations at Fitter Faster Stronger.

Mike is the proud holder of a BA (HONS) in Business Studies, qualified gym instructor and personal trainer. Mike is both a rugby player and coach and proud member of #TeamFFS

If you would like to learn more about Mike, you can check out his profile here or follow him on social media here.






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