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March 29, 2017

Many of us wait for that perfect time to ask that person out, to apply for that job, to take up a new hobby, to start eating healthier, working out regularly.


Why? Because we know, anything worth having doesn’t come easy; and that anything worth pursuing must only be pursued at the perfect time.

The problem with this mentality is that it rarely gets us anywhere; the “perfect time” doesn’t exist. You have to create the “perfect time”.


Are you one of those waiting for this mystical “Perfect Time”

if you answered yes, then some of the following may sound familiar to you:






When I am less busy...


I don’t have the time


I’d love to but...


When I see her, I’ll ask her out…


When I see him, I’ll ask him out..


When the time is right...


When I find the right gym...


When I get a little bit fitter...


When I know what to do...






Should-a becomes Would-a becomes Could-a


The primary reason behind these thought patterns is; fear.

Fear of the unknown, fear of embarrassment, of criticism, of failure.


“What happens if I succeed?”


“What happens if I actually attain my goal?...what then?”


For others, it’s perfectionism, which in essence, again, can be attributed to fear; fear of not being perfect which prevents them from getting started.


There is no right time


There will never be a right time, sure there may be a magic moment in the future in your fitness journey where the stars align, where the universe comes together, when you are wearing your favourite gym attire and your favourite song comes on, but why wait for it when you can make it happen now?


Trust me, it’s possible, I just had one of those moments this morning, I put on Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran on my Spotify and started a little dance on the LUAS at 6am, no doubt I got some strange stares, after all, who should be that exuberant at 6am? You should! That’s who!

And if you’re health is on point, you will be just that!


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Just start


I always say to my clients, “Even Arnie had to start somewhere” and to remember each moment leads to the next, don’t focus on the end goal, keep it the back of your mind, but don’t focus on it; because you will never get anything done.


Focus on what you can do right now, what can you do today that will change the future?

                                                     Image source: Instagram


If I were a betting man, I would guess that right now you’re thinking: "I can’t" and it’s not that you can’t, it’s that you are jumping too far ahead – you’re trying to start on the fairway instead of the tee box.


Let’s take a look at an example. You are looking to improve your nutrition, so you clicked into this post, (the tee box), now if you continue to read every link I post here and end up down a YouTube rabbit hole, then we have a problem (you’ve ended up in the rough). Keep your sight on the green and make sure this blog post is merely a stepping stone to helping you make better nutritional choices.


With this in mind, everyone’s starting point is different. For some it may just be this blog post, for others, it may be creating a shopping list, it may be swapping out that bag of crisps for a banana or googling the restaurant menu for the meal you are eating out this weekend. Take action. By committing, you have taken the first step.


Starting is turning the key in the ignition


Maybe you’re not ready to get behind the wheel alone and need some guidance, that’s okay. As long as you get yourself in gear, take action, that’s your beginning.


Be Patient, time is your friend


Many clients and gym members have come to me over the years and are disheartened at their immediate lack of progress. They believe because they find it challenging that they are not making progress.

It’s like I mentioned earlier in this article, “Even Arnie had to start somewhere” but another thing I always let them know is: Fitness never gets easier.


This might sound counter intuitive, I mean the fitter you get, shouldn’t exercise get easier?


Yes, but it’s not that simple. When we exercise, we actually break our bodies down (this is known as muscle micro-trauma), our bodies don’t like this, so they repair themselves and grow back stronger, what actually improves is your ability to recover. After your first session, it takes you 15 minutes to start feeling okay, after your 12th session it takes you 10 minutes to recover, after your 30th session it takes you 5 minutes to recover etc.


That’s just how it is, these things take time. The same principle applies to developing new nutritional habits. Just because you find it difficult in the beginning or fail to employ a new habit 2/7 days, doesn’t mean you have failed.

This gives you the opportunity to assess what caused you to fail on those two days, was it a meeting? A night out with friends? Could you have been better prepared?


Give it time, be patient, eventually it will feel natural to you.


"I failed is ten times more of a man than someone who said what if, because what if never went to the arena" – Greg Plitt


Need assistance? That’s okay, for now.


In order for a ball to roll down hill, it needs a little assistance from gravity to get moving.


In order for a tree to grow, it needs the wind to spread its seeds.


In order for a car low on fuel to get going it needs a little bit of a push.


If you are lethargic and have lost motivation to eat well or get fit, think of yourself as the car. You need a little push to get you to the garage, where you can get a service (nutritional assessment) and refuel (with nutrient dense food) and then be off on your own journey.


It’s okay to require some assistance to get going and keep us on track for a while, you may even need to revisit the garage from time to time but eventually, your new habits become ingrained and you don’t need that assistance anymore, you have left the garage and are on the highway.


What now?

If at the end of the day, you find yourself still waiting for “the perfect time” or “stuck”. Here are some tips which might help.


  • Reassess your goals: Realize that there is no perfect time and there never will be.

  • Make it a priority: Is it important to you? If it is, you’ll make time for it, if not, you will make an excuse.

  • Take action: What can you do right now? What can you do in the next 5 minutes that will get you track? Even the smallest thing will mean you have started. Do something, Anything.

  • Trust yourself: Remember our quote on the car travelling through the night? The driver can only see 100 to 200 feet in front of them. Trust that you will get to your destination if you stay on track.

  • Expect Resistance: You are going to fail, it is inevitable. Rather than quit, look at it as an opportunity to assess what went wrong, what can be improved and use that information to get back on track instead of giving up.

  • Recruit: Recruit a friend, a family member, a coach, someone who can guide you in the right direction until you are confident enough to make the journey yourself.

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Brian is the Head of Membership Induction and Staff Development at Fitter Faster Stronger. A holder of a BSc. in Exercise Management from University College Dublin and NCSA recognised Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Brian's philosophy is simple;


"The Mind is the Limit".



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