Supermarket Sweep: How to make better food decisions

May 23, 2017

Once a food is bought it will be consumed by you, someone close to you or someone in your house. 



What you put in that shopping basket plays a more significant role than you think, particularly if your not satisfied with your current body composition. Making better decisions at the point of purchase is a sure fire way to engage in positive behaviours with positive outcomes. Making those decisions informed ones and slightly better over time is a clear way to enact change in your nutritional intake. 


These changes will eventually all add up to improvements in the mirror, improvements in the gym and improvements in your overall health. 


Be clever, incremental and practical about making better food decisions. Its not an all or nothing approach. Its not a war of good food vs bad food, cabbage vs crisps, clean vs dirty. It's about making better food decisions or worse food decisions and gradually trying to make the majority of them better ones. 



Challenge yourself on your next Supermarket Sweep



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Here's a quick challenge for you to engage in the next time you ponder whether to put that item into the basket. Ask yourself the following questions and hopefully they will help you make more informed choices. Remember it is an exercise in getting better not being judged so give it a go and see how it goes. 


How is this food made?




Does it involve an arsenal of machines, cooking juggernauts and industrial waste grounds. Or is it locally sourced or 

responsibly manufactured 


Do I know what all these ingredients are?


Is there so many ingredients that the back of the packet is starting to blur and resemble the numbers from the matrix


Does this food, fundamentally, nourish me? Does it add or subtract value?



Does this leaving me feeling full and satisfied and does this food help repair, rebuild and fuel my body or is it like putting diesel in an unleaded engine.


What would this food choice need in order to be just a little healthier?


Is there a non microwavable option, is there a fresh version, is there a less processed version.


What's the alternative to this food?



Instead of frozen chips, maybe I can make oven baked sweet potato fries


Is this the best available choice under the circumstances?


If I rotate my head, take a second or two to browse around can I find something in the butcher section or fresh fruit and veg section...


Do I find it easy or difficult to eat this food slowly, to 80% full?



Does this awaken a bottomless pit demon in me that can never be satisfied or does this food leave me feeling satisfied and provide me with sustained energy.


The most important takeaway is to try new things out, try to get a little better,seek the right information, make informed decisions and you will become more informed everyday with practice.


Happy healthy eating and if you'd like more info on our nutritional services please contact us at FFS Nutrition 





















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