CEPs aka Brian Brennan

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Favourite sessions and why?


This is a tough one to call, I don’t think I can narrow it down to just one! Big Dave DePew’s session at grinder gym was a very tough session. Anyone who knows me, knows I like metrics, give me my reps and sets and I will get to work – but at one point, Rory asked The Boss “How many reps Dave?” Dave’s response?

“Until I say so!” That’s what I call a mind-set challenge – loved it!

Box Union with Deja Riley was also a fantastic session; we really got to try a variety of exercises in combination with the boxing bag. For example, combos such as ‘Jab, Jab, Squat, Jab, Jab, Squat Jump’ really made boxing interesting as opposed to the standard hit the bag for X amount of time. Lastly, we all know how much I love cross-fit, so got to give Pistoled Pete a shout-out here! Real down to earth, zero BS coach – his philosophy: Put in the work, and that hair – what can I say, envy.


Favourite breakout from bold and why?


The title here is up for grabs – I attended a variety of breakout sessions. Two of my favourites were Josh Boyd & Nikki Boyd of the 12 Personal Training and Luke Carlson of Discover Strength.

Whilst I only got to attend a few minutes of Josh’s presentation due to having to catch a flight, his energy was high and his message simple – Look in the mirror. It all STARTS and ENDS with you, so make sure you are purpose driven. It was great to see a lot of things pop up that we employ at FFS; such as ensuring our team embodies the FFS Why; which is to help as many people as possible attain their health and fitness goals all whilst enjoying the process.

Luke Carlson was direct to the point and have got to hand it to the guy, he tore his calf that morning during a training session and remained energetic and mobile throughout his entire session. His message? You can have all the right people on the bus (i.e. your team) but if they’re not in the right seats (i.e. positions within the company) then they are wasted.


What have you applied during your first week back?


I think everyone in my classes this week were having the TIME of their life with the implementation of the clock plank (get it?) from our brothers and sisters at Real Results Las Vegas. Also, bringing to the forefront of my PT sessions, some boxing variations from box union. Personally, I gotta give Coach Mike a shout-out here. Coach Mike reminded me of something I had forgotten in recent times. Your fear is your weapon! Whatever you’re afraid of, do it! And to take my vitamins!

Vitamin C1 – Clear – Have a clear vision; you wouldn’t drive a car with a dirty or foggy windscreen, would you?

Vitamin C2 – Concise – Don’t focus on the big picture, focus on the concise details, the daily habits, the small things you can change

Vitamin C3 – Convincing – You have to have faith in your decision. Faith it until you make it!


G-Unit aka Mike South

Instagram: @mikesouth


Favourite sessions and why?


This is a tough one as it's a close call between Grinder and Stay Classy Crossfit in SD. I will have to go with Grinder, Dave was a really cool guy and made us work bloody hard. What we thought was gonna be an upper body pump, was, but with the odd set of burpees and shuttle run we worked up a serious sweat. Loved his space, loved his outlook on training and loved training outside in the sunshine at 6am. 


Favourite breakout from bold and why?


Jon Reyman, Salon Pro X. Although quite mad, I really liked what Jon was preaching during his talk. Jon owns a top class hair salon that provides customers with a very high standard service but in super quick time. He spoke on the art of communication and motivation in your workplace, how your team is like your family, as most spend more time at work than at home. 

Are our staff a good fit, do they know what we really do, is their purpose just to make money or do they have the desire to self improve all the time? 


All very relevant questions we probably don't ask ourselves enough. A key take away and something we at FFS have covered very well with our team. 


What have you applied during your first week back?


Some clock planks and squat kicks for starters! Apart from that I have learned to work on one thing at a time where possible to be more efficient in the office, I usually try to have 3-4 things on the go at once.

Take a little digital detox every now and again where my phone is put away and no emails are answered late in the evening, harder than you think....


The O.C. (Original C) aka Craig McInerney

Instagram: @craig_ffs


Your favourite Session and why?


Grinder Session. Hosted by Dave "The Boss" Depew. Dave was a real in the trenches kind of coach and apart from his plane pulling abilities and freakish weightlifting capability he had a novel take on a traditional muscle building. In the simplest explanation it seemed to smash a met con and an upper body S&C together regardless of the consequences and I for one...thoroughly enjoyed it.  


Favourite breakout from bold and why?


Social Media Insights by Vito la Fata

Vito reminded me of a cross between the Wolf of Wall Street and Dan Marino. His energy, enthusiasm and no hyperbole attitude were refreshing. I could also relate to him as we come from similar career paths. His ideas on how to transfer your coaching skills to beyond the gym floor were insightful and were serious food for thought on developing the services we offer here at FFS.


What you have applied during your first week back?


Some of the biggest takeaways form the trip were: if you have a good idea and believe in it...act on it.

Therefore, I am moved to announce that, under the FFS umbrella, I'm currently working on a exciting new metric system and tool kit for my personal training clients influenced by conversations during the Bold Bash that could have cross over potential. In-terms of programming I've begun drafting next months S&B format and it will be heavily influenced form California. 


DBF aka Rory McInerney

Instagram: @rorymcffs


Your favourite Session and why?


Stay classy cross-fit

I really enjoyed this session as it was our final session on tour. Personally, I was exhausted and physically drained from the previous 4 days of training. However, I was mentally stimulated and seriously motivated after an awesome day at the conference. The environment (competition) was perfect to get me pumped and let my mind forget how stiff and sore my body was. I worked as hard as I possibly could, mostly because I saw that Mike was beating me at one stage, which helped me get the absolute max out of myself. 

Nice to get the W and finish on a high!


Your favourite breakout session from bold and why?


7 Values to Inspire Your Team and Grow Your Business

Jean-Luc Boissonneault

Founder, JeanLucBoissonneault.com

I wanted to see Jean-Luc speak because, as our team has more than doubled in the past 9 months I want to continually develop my leadership, communication and motivational skills in order to create an environment that our coaches jump out of bed to come to work every day, sounds unrealistic but that is what we want!


Main take away was this quote:

"Build a business with so much heart and momentum that no coach or client will ever want to leave"


What have you applied during your first week back?


One of the big things I have taken from meeting like minded people with the same passion for the power of health & fitness that I have, is how much they appreciate and love the people around them...more importantly how much they show those people!

This week I have tried to show all of the guys on the team how much I appreciate what they do for this business, our clients and for me personally every day. Not with anything huge but just vocalising my thanks and letting people know I appreciate them and their efforts. 


Super C aka Cathal Cosgrove

Instagram: @cathalcosgrove


Your favourite Session and why?


My favourite session was Orange theory fitness in LA. Orange theory specialise in heart-rate monitored conditioning training. I liked the session for a number of different reasons. First of all, the idea of having everyone taking part in the class wearing heart-rate monitors was very cool, as you could track throughout the whole session what your heart rate was and which zone you were in. This gave us instant feedback through a TV on the wall on whether we were working hard enough or not. We could also see what everyone else’s heart rate was which lead to plenty of banter amongst the group! The longer you spent the session in the correct zones the more points you earned with a winner being crowned at the end. I was pretty happy with my second-place finish considering the respectful opposition!


Your favourite breakout session from bold and why?


I wouldn’t necessarily say it was my favourite talk as a whole but I did take 1 or 2 really key points away from Coach Mike’s ‘Faith it Until You Make It’ session. My main takeaway from Mike’s talk is that you must clearly know what your ‘why’ is and it should fuel the different choices you make on a daily basis. When you know who you are and what you’re about it is easier to make both life and career decisions.


What you have applied during your first week back?


Firstly, all coaches have been introducing new exercises and techniques that we took part in over in the U.S. into both class formats, PT sessions and our own training. For me in particular some of these include introducing active recovery cardio into strength/hypertrophy sessions as part of rest (like we did in our session in grinder). I’ve been using more CrossFit style total body circuits as both a hypertrophy and/or a conditioning tool.

Most of all, I came back with a refreshed attitude and hunger to work again at a job that I love doing. The information learned stateside has only made me more determined to improve every facet of my skillset so that I can be the best coach possible.  



Our coaching team has developed immensely from their 6 day trip to Los Angeles and San Diego, California. From completing 10 gym sessions over the course of the trip they learned from some big names in the business and brought back some new exercises, training styles and coaching tips for our members at FFS. Also, through attending some very interesting talks at the bold mindbody conference, our coaches have come back guns-ho with a regenerated lease of

energy to become #bettereveryday.


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