Episode 003: Rhys Ruddock

December 9, 2017



Rhys Ruddock is an Irish International and Leinster rugby player. He is also a man pursuing a degree in Strength and Condition… Did someone say get that guy on the For Fit Sake Podcast! Yes actually, and we have!


Rhys has obtained the experiences / skills that allow him to compete at international level but also the expertise as a coach to help relate these experiences to you, the listener, and your health and fitness journey.


On the episode, we discuss:

  • The importance of environment when it comes to trying to better yourself

  • Rhys’ career path and some fun stories from his time playing with @mako_vunipola in school

  • Nutrition and recovery strategies

  • How to listen to your body in order to maximise your performance in the gym

As we near the results of the FFS Transformation challenge we dive in to the importance of mindset with Rhys and how to celebrate the small wins.



We also had a lot of fun with this week’s “Fitness Forefeit” in our Wales V Ireland quiz between Ciaran and Rhys.




Books & Resources Mentioned:

Daniel H. Pink – Drive



Other links:

Rhys V Ciaran Uncle Bens Video https://www.facebook.com/unclebensireland/videos/1522438977775643/

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