Episode 005: Christmas Bonus

December 20, 2017



Episode 005: Christmas Bonus


On this episode Rory and Rudds talk about the most common queries they get as coaches around the Christmas Period:

  • Social occasions

  • Drinks

  • Over eating

  • Mindless eating

  • Home Work Outs

The guys talk about the importance of enjoying yourself and what is important to them about the Christmas period.


Rudds & Rory also share some of their personal goals for 2018 and want to hear yours? Send them to podcast@ffs.ie or tag us on insatgram @ffsgym or use #ForFitSakePodcast to connect with us.


This week’s fitness forfeit had a special guest moderator, (FFS Operations Manager) Mike South.  This instalment gave everyone the showdown that you have all been begging for; Rudds V The Big Fella with the most disgusting forfeit on the line yet! 


Craig Famous Gas Canister Workout




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