Episode 008:

February 13, 2018




Episode 008: Crash Diets, Vegan Eating, Mental Resilience, The Power of Positivity with Neil Gunning


Neil Gunning is a man who has more experience than anyone we have ever met when it comes to:

- Crash diets

- "Yo Yo" weight loss

- Experimenting with his diet / training / body


Neil has competed in strong man competitions, adventure races and is now taking on a 1 million metre row challenge in 6 months! Yes, 6 months... you read that correctly!


Neil has learned a unique mental resilience that can only be understood by someone who has gone through some of the following; personal loss, being open minded, taking a leap of faith in search of professional fulfilment and experienced ups and downs to the extreme, for example going from 133Kg down to 90kg then back up to 142Kg and now on his way back down again. 





This podcast is inspiring and packed full of takeaways for anyone at any stage of their journey in greatness, no matter what your goals are.






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