Episode 17:

June 12, 2018

Cillian Reardon has worked in Leinster Rugby since 2011, having completed a degree in Sports Science from DCU in 2012. He is currently partaking in a PhD in UCD, whilst juggling working as a sport scientist with Leinster and competing as a professional boxer.


When it comes to coaching and performing at an elite level, simultaneously, there are very few with the same experience.. Strength and Conditioning coach to the 2018  European and Pro 14 champions in Leinster Rugby, as well as competing as a professional boxer, Cillian Reardon gives Rory and Rudds an inside into the lifestyle of an individual who works and performs at the elite level and what it takes to get there.


The  3 key areas covered in this episode include;

  1. Insight into preparing elite athletes.

  2. Training for boxing.

  3. Managing working with Leinster rugby team and  being a professional boxer.











If you want to learn more about Cillian then follow the links below;

Leinster Rugby profile- https://www.leinsterrugby.ie/staff/cillian-reardon/







Please excuse the some of the sound quality during the podcast as there were some issues with the microphones. 












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