Episode 22: The 10,000 Kcal Challenge "Rudds V Rory"

August 21, 2018



Episode 22 of the For Fit Sake Podcast - The 10,000 calorie challenge.


In this episode Rudds and Rory discuss their 10K calorie challenge. Rudds took on the challenge with the intentions of eating “processed foods” vs Rory attempting to eat 10k calories of “whole foods”.  Each participant must only eat their calories and cannot consume calories through fluids, smoothies, milkshakes and the sort, in a 24 hour window. The lads reveal the challenges and insights into their respective food types. Rory and Rudds were very “eggcited” at the start, however, Rory seemed to run out of thyme, whilst Rudd’s had to “turnip” the heat by ordering a dominoes in order to complete the challenge. 



Rory’s main challenges with the whole foods include;

  • How fibre plays a role in satiety.

  • Bloating and feeling lethargic.

  • Poor sleep quality.



Rudd’s main challenges with processed foods include;

  • Sugar crashes.

  • Foods disagreeing with his normal diet (minimally processed and high in fibre).

  • Meat sweats.


Other areas of discussion include,

  • Out training a bad diet, can it be done?

  • Non-exercise activity thermogenesis.











This week’s quiz could have been the most difficult to find a link between our hosts and our guest. As much as Rory might fancy himself to go a few rounds with Victor we all know how that would end…. Listen right to the end to see how creative Rudds got this week to somehow find a link between Rory and Victor… We know, we know, he is reaching big time!


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