Episode 27: Physical Activity & Mental Health with Daniel Twomey

October 30, 2018


Episode 27: Physical Activity and Mental health with Daniel Twomey


Daniel Twomey is a man well suited to join Rory and Ciaran and discuss the positive impacts of exercise on mental health. He is a personal trainer in Trinity College Dublin as well as completing a PHD in Physical activity and positive mental health.


Daniel ran the Dublin marathon last year in aid of Pieta House and ran with the ambition of raising awareness of how important it is for us to support each other as a society. He posted a raw and passionate video in the immediate aftermath of the marathon discussing a period in his life when he was suffering from very poor mental health and was in fact suicidal.


The guys discuss the importance of communicating with friends and family, letting people know that there is always someone there for support and people are never alone.


Daniel dives into how exercise is the best anti-depressant available and how physical activity & exercise is for everyone, regardless of your current fitness level. A big talking point is how comparison is the thief of joy and how people should focus on themselves and not others on their fitness journey, or any aspect of their life for that matter.


See how Daniel got roped into a tricky situation when Rory blindsides him with the upcoming run in the dark. Here’s a hint…. Who’s your money on?




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