Eggcellent Egg Loaf Recipe

February 24, 2019

Why this recipe is so eggcellent:


  • High Protein.

  • Low Carbohydrate.

  • Moderate fat.

  • High vegetable content.

  • Convenient for people on the go.


The Lowdown


“Why should I eat this?”

Eggs are the most complete source of protein, which helps our muscles recover, but also keeps us feeling fuller for longer, which can help reduce calorie intake and thus improve body composition. This also has a lot of vitamins and minerals in the vegetables, if you’re someone who struggles to get veggies in your diet this is the recipe for you.


“When should I eat this?”

This is the perfect, convenient and above all delicious, in my opinion anyway, breakfast or snack option. Have this after your morning or evening workouts as a quick protein hit.



The Showdown


Ingredients for 2 loaf’s (8 pieces in total, depending on slice size)

  1. 18 whole range eggs

  2. A large handful of spinach

  3. 3 Bell peppers

  4. 4 Spring onions

  5. 4 small Red onions or 2 large.

  6. Dried chilli flakes

  7. Smoked paprika

  8. Salt

  9. Pepper

  10. (Optional) Cheese, Bacon, black pudding or other meat of preference.


Cooking method

  1. Preheat oven to gas mark 4.

  2. Chop vegetables and fry in a pan with a little oil and spices.

  3. Crack the eggs into a large baking bowl, be sure to place the shells into a compost bin and the plastic tray is recycled. Whisk the eggs.

  4. Line 2 bread tins with greaseproof paper.

  5. Add spinach for the last 30 seconds and allow it to wilt.  

  6. Add the vegetable mix into the tins lined with greaseproof paper and spread out evenly, followed by the eggs poured over.

  7. Place the 2 tins into the preheated oven for 40-45 minutes.

  8. Once cooked, allow to cool. After 30 minutes, cut them into slices (I prefer chunky slices of 4, however you could probably get 5 to each loaf).



If Mr.Burns were to try this recipe do you know what he would tell me?




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