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FFS Corporate Wellness

Discover your company’s true strength with FFS

Corporate wellness at FFS

People spend most of their day in the workplace, so it’s important for businesses to look after the wellbeing of their employees. As well as empowering your workforce to stay fit and healthy, wellness programmes in the workplace also improve productivity and happiness.

Our approach helps your employees stay consistently fit through all of life’s ups and downs. From exams and deadlines to starting a family, staying fit can help them remain strong at every hurdle.

Help your employees stay strong whatever life throws at them with our corporate athlete programme.

  • Boost happiness
  • Improve productivity
  • Keep track with recordable results
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Discover your company’s true strength with FFS

The FFS corporate athlete

Our programme includes:

  • A detailed survey to assess the issues your employees face
  • Online training with our expert coaches
  • FFS membership
  • Inspirational and informative talks on nutrition and exercise
  • Corporate yoga classes in-house or at FFS
  • Reports, planning and goal setting for wellness managers

Bespoke wellness packages

If you have a specific wellness programme in mind to help your employees stay fit and strong, we’re happy to adjust our services to suit. Get in touch today to find out how FFS can help your company grow stronger.

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Inquire about our Corporate Packages

We offer packages both online and in person so send us your details and head of corporate wellness, Mike South will call you back to discuss what we can do for you.

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