FFS Gym is delighted to bring you FFS Yoga, as part of its growing fitness community. Run by Head of Yoga, Fabiana Mizzoni, there are a variety of class types to suit all types. Please check out the Class Types below and our Weekly Schedule.




These are slow, strong flowing classes. A longer time is spent in poses than in power vinaysa. Students get to learn about transitions and flow, while building strength and flexibility. Suitable for all levels, including beginners.


Vinyasa means the journey between two points. This is short, strong, flowing class that incorporates breath and strength. Less instruction is given in this class. Please bring a sweat towel. Not suitable for total beginners.


Yin yoga is a passive yet challenging style of yoga. There is no warm-up so that the focus is on joint, ligament and fascia flexibility rather than muscular, in regular ‘yang’ classes. Poses are long-held, and often floor based. Yin is relaxing but also challenging, requiring you to slow down and sit with discomfort. Suitable for all levels, including beginners.


Hatha yoga is the ‘mother’ of modern physical yoga practices. This class focuses on learning the important basics of both postures and breath, so that students can safely progress to more advanced poses. A traditional sequence is practised. Suitable for all levels, including beginners. 


Strength and Condition your core to reduce lower back pain while improving your posture and alignment, so your body can train to its maximum potential.
Pilates really improves sporting performance for a wide range of activities like running, resistant training, golfing and many more. Pilates reduces injury by concentrating on specialised muscles groups that you may not have worked in years or never knew you had before

Always ask your GP whether it is safe for you to practice yoga. It’s a good idea to email yoga@ffs.ie in advance to let the teacher know of your injury/illness. 

There are certain stages of pregnancy where Yoga is unsuitable. Mail yoga@ffs.ie in advance and always let your teacher know that you are expecting.



Expiration Date: 45 days from first use. Offer valid for new clients only. One class per day.


Expiration Date: 3 months from first use


Unlimited classes

8 classes per month

Unlimited lunchtime classes

6 classes per month

This is a 3 month contract. You will be billed each month, on the same sales date. After 3 months your membership automatically renews, unless otherwise requested. After 3 months we require 30 days notice for termination.



Yoga and Meditation have a lot to offer your workplace. We offer both offsite and onsite Yoga, but recommend using our stunning private studio.


Our studio can accommodate 10 persons, which the below figures are based on. For offsite numbers greater than 10, an additional €10/person is added.

6-Week Courses:

Meditation 30 mins @ €75

Total = €450

Yoga 1 hour @ €100

Total = €600

8-Week Courses (5% discount on above figures):

Meditation 30 mins

Total = €570

Yoga 1 hour

Total = €760

For third and subsequent courses booked we offer an additional 5% discount.

Any Other Questions?


No problem, we are here to help!

Pop an email to yoga@ffs.ie or fill out the contact form here and we will get back to you ASAP.