Episode 20: Alan Flanagan - The Nutritional Advocate

Episode 20- Alan Flanagan- The Nutritional Advocate

Episode 20- Alan Flanagan- “The Nutritional Advocate”

Alan is a lawyer and nutritionist based in Dublin, Ireland. In addition to his legal practice, Alan is currently pursuing a Masters in Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey. Alan founded Align Health as an online coaching practice, and as a medium to communicate evidence- based nutrition and health science to a lay audience. From working professionals to professional athletes, Alan provides science-based solutions and protocols to guide motivated individuals to their goals.

In episode 20 of the For Fit Sake podcast, Rory and Rudd’s talk all things nutrition with Alan Flanagan.

The 3 key points for the episode are; 1. Circadian Rhythm and sleep. 2. The truth about saturated fats. 3. Dairy myths.

If you want to look out for more content from Alan then follow the links below.

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