FFS offers consistent exceptional coaching in a community-based training environment for every person who comes through our doors
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The first step on your fitness journey


Our specialist coach will show you "The FFS Way '' - How we have helped thousands of members get stronger and fitter through our coaching systems.

We help you get the most out of our classes right away by finding your Strength & Fitness baselines in bang-for-buck exercises.

We will discover your goals, where you currently are in your fitness journey and how we can help you improve.

Our coach will show you how we track our results and measure progress in our app. We will also get you up to speed on the FFS Spotting System so we can perform with confidence and safety.

Finally, your coach will answer any questions to make sure you have the best experience from day one.

You can book and attend at any of our locations, just let us know where you are taking up your membership!

What will happen during the induction class?

  • Movement Screen Analysis
  • Exercise Form and Breathing on selected exercises
  • How class timings work and rest periods work using the clock
  • Effective Spotting and Being Spotted.
  • Working with partners in class
  • Where you live on the FFS Movement Continuum in the fundamentals for when you start. (regressions, progressions and alternate exercises if required)
  • Baseline Strength & Fitness Scores (Resistances and Targets when starting)
  • Demo of how to track progress in classes using our app
Train at the Home of Hard Work Today


Prior to your first class as an FFS member, we make sure we have everything set up from day one to help you become the strongest version of yourself. We help you set goals, analyse your movement patterns, determine your baseline strength/fitness and coach you through all the fundamentals movement patterns you will need. This all takes place during the FFS New Member Induction. We then relay all this information to our coaching team and recommend the best classes to start with.

This gives you and the FFS coaching team the best possible experience from the start. Making sure you have the confidence to just come in have fun and work really hard.

A class at FFS is all about creating the energy of that supportive team environment with a huge emphasis on the individual needs of each of our members.

Whatever your fitness level, come and experience the FFS environment for yourself.

No matter what membership option you choose, you will always gain access to our top-class training and expert coaching to help you become Fitter, Faster, Stronger.

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