Episode 21: Victor Rabei - Super Lightweight Boxer

Episode 21- Victor Rabei - Super Lightweight Celtic Champion

Episode 21- Victor Rabei - Super Lightweight Celtic Champion

Victor is a Moldovan super lightweight who has grown up in Dublin. He is trained by Steven O’Rourke (who also train Cillian Reardon, previous guest on the Pod).

He made his pro debut in the summer of 2017 against Chris Adaway and Victor currently holds the Cetlic title with a 5-0 record.

The 3 key areas that the guys address are:

The day to day life of a professional boxerPhysically & mentally preparing for a title fightTactically preparing for a fight

This week’s quiz could have been the most difficult to find a link between our hosts and our guest. As much as Rory might fancy himself to go a few rounds with Victor we all know how that would end…. Listen right to the end to see how creative Rudds got this week to somehow find a link between Rory and Victor… We know, we know, he is reaching big time!

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/victorrabei/?hl=en